Synonyms for Brother:


girlfriend, big brother, firm friends, kinsman, half-brother. equity, chapel, compatriot, closed shop, the CBI, ACTU, COSATU, labor, the AFL-CIO, executive. bud, denomination, cult, love, brethren, coreligionist, congregation, confidante, Baha'i, animism, ascetic. my man, honey, pardner, sugar, baby, babe. brotherly, half sister, BRO, fraternal twin, br, big, conjoined twin. what's that supposed to mean?, give me a break, for pity's sake, darn, for crying out loud, give me strength, what's the big idea?, for heaven's sake/sakes. sport, man, son, sonny, dude, buster. accompaniment (noun)
accompaniment, companion, extension, consort, addition, extra, adjunct, attachment, garnish, appurtenance, accessory, auxiliary, fixture, second, appendix, adornment, lieutenant, addendum, appendage, secondary, ornament.
friend (noun)
fellow, acquaintance, schoolmate, co-worker, chum, cousin, partner, pal, ally, colleague, friend, amigo, mate, company, confidant, intimate, teammate, classmate, playmate, buddy, roommate, Familiar, comrade, crony.
kinship (noun)
flesh, kin, uncle, fraternity, motherhood, fatherhood, sisterhood, relation, aunt, brotherhood, Family, maternity, relative, kinfolk, mother, niece, blood, consanguinity, paternity, clan, nephew, ancestor, heredity, kinship, lineage.
male sibling (noun)
kin, blood brother, relative, relation.
man (noun)
nephew, uncle.

Other synonyms:

coreligionist, congregation, Baha'i, conjoined twin, ACTU, denomination, the CBI, ascetic, fraternal twin, the AFL-CIO, equity, half sister, closed shop, animism, COSATU, labor. chapel, executive, BRO, darn, brethren, br, confidante. cult. big. man. sibling
Other relevant words:
ascetic, half-brother, man, kinsman, brethren, related, bud, denomination, son, darn, animism, executive, sidekick, COSATU, confidante, chapel, BRO, blood brother, compatriot, Baha'i, ACTU.

Usage examples for brother

  1. Are you, too, come, my dear brother Verrina? – Fiesco or, The Genoese Conspiracy A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller
  2. Is that your brother – Frank on the Lower Mississippi by Harry Castlemon
  3. The baby and Brother and I are well but we want to see you. – Mother Stories by Maud Lindsay