Synonyms for Beneficial:


advantageous (adjective)
healthful, benign, useful, propitious, Toward, constructive, favorable, serviceable, Gainful, worthy, salutary, good, helpful, wholesome, salubrious, profitable.
all (adjective)
beneficial (adjective)
improving, favorable, successful, better, helpful, prosperous, good, progressive, advantageous, Gainful, profitable, useful.
good (adjective)
admirable, worthwhile, worthy, splendid, praiseworthy, first-rate, exemplary, laudable, excellent, pleasant, benign, nice, five-star, fine, topnotch, good, favorable, commendable.
healing (adjective)
healthy (adjective)
positive (adjective)
constructive, absolute, definite, positive, optimistic, affirmative, indisputable.
utilizable (adjective)
practicable, instrumental, usable, available, convenient, functional, practical, appropriate, expedient, helpful, effective, applied, versatile, fitting, advantageous, suitable, commodious, applicable, utilitarian, useful, serviceable, utilizable, effectual, handy, reusable, multipurpose, employable, all-purpose, at hand.


healthy, wholesome, therapeutic, essential, healing, sensible, well-balanced, restorative. beneficent, propitious, help, benignant, Toward, benefic. beneficial (noun)
advantageous, good, salutary, healthful.
useful (noun)
propitious, salubrious.


approaching (preposition)

Other synonyms:

benefic, benignant, therapeutic, essential. healthy, well-balanced, Toward, propitious, healing. beneficent. sensible. nutritious

Usage examples for beneficial

  1. Health is indispensable for the efficient discharge of their duties, and travelling is found very beneficial to the health of their families as well as to their own. – Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877 by James Kennedy
  2. There were few rich left, but the consequences to the poor, instead of being beneficial were utterly disastrous. – The Invasion by William Le Queux