Synonyms for Background:


findings, fact, detail, information, datum, data, A to Z, news, report, word. conditions, credentials, upbringing, position, state of affairs, preparation, past, knowledge, education, training, situation, event, qualifications, climate, history. happen, collaboration, call, career, business, appointment, calling, delegation, division of labor. fine art, composition, assemblage, chef-d'oeuvre, artwork, art, canon, creation, back catalog. classism, classless, bourgeois, class-conscious, birth, beneath, class, beginnings, the bourgeoisie. background (noun)
screen background, downplay, scope, background signal, setting, ground, background knowledge, backdrop, backcloth, desktop, play down.
cognition (noun)
conditions (noun)
experience (noun)
practice, proficiency, sophistication, experience, wit, wisdom, competence, savoir-faire.
experience or circumstances (noun)
training, environment, education, framework, credentials, backdrop, upbringing, history, practice, preparation.
heritage (noun)
knowledge (noun)
preparation (noun)
setting (noun)
environment, framework.
unobtrusive (noun)
withdrawn, retiring, un, out of sight, obscure, unnoticed.


change (verb)
downplay, play down.

Other synonyms:

back catalog, chef-d'oeuvre, classless, class-conscious, state of affairs, the bourgeoisie, creation, beneath, situation, career, bourgeois, event, division of labor, fine art, education, climate, classism. birth, collaboration, delegation, assemblage, preparation, position, artwork, composition. appointment, canon. art. history. business, class. Other relevant words:
birth, background knowledge, downplay, assemblage, unnoticed, class-conscious, bourgeois, climate, situation, obscure, ground, desktop, qualifications, backdrop, screen background, backcloth, upbringing, collaboration, credentials, scope, information, environment, training, event, past, appointment, play down, career, art, framework, beneath, background signal, detail, delegation, history, education, preparation, canon, setting.

Usage examples for background

  1. " Shooting it against the background of those wide windows was smart," Lovranth Rolk said. – Time Crime by H. Beam Piper
  2. The other ladies of honor stand near the Empress in the background – The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912 by Lillie DeHegermann-Lindencrone