Synonyms for Gathering:


taking (adjective)


acquisition, recovery, round up, capture, retrieval. graduated, depleted, exponential, collect, growing, down, accumulative, fourfold, mass, Amassment, declining, Cumulation, congeries. club, busload, constellation, troop, age group, circle, congress, get together, body, muster. connect, confluence, junction, convergence. affair (noun)
entertainment, reception.
assembly (noun)
turnout, herd, crush, combination, audience, drove, mobilization, witenagemot, horde, attendance, Gemote, party, gathering of the clans, diet, conventicle, function, legislature, caucus, parliament, entertainment, meet, band, get together, troop, council, congress, forgathering, concentration, body, folkmoot, bunch, confab, vestry, coven, bull session, rout, eisteddfod, council meeting, discussion, reception, mob, school, union, bevy, society, association, galaxy, interchange, collocation, huddle, array, swarm, parley, social gathering, junction, senate, muster, caravan, panel, gang, ingathering, flock, house, synod, conflux, council of war, mass, levy, press, moot, crew, committee, posse, reunion, queue.
band (noun)
club, bevy, troop, gang.
collection (noun)
coming together (noun)
connection (noun)
council (noun)
focus (noun)
essence, rally, lodestar, kernel, epitome, meat, asymptote, heart, focus, axle, hub, forum, nucleus, core, rendezvous, magnet, crossing, bottleneck, crux, intersection, center, soul, marrow, plenum, lure, polestar, funnel, spirit.
gathering (noun)
crush, society, levy, junction, congress, muster, acquisition, herd, drove, association, horde, flock, parley, bunch, swarm, meet, caucus, band, concentration, huddle, body, turnout, meeting, party, mass, rally, function, union.
meeting (noun)
social occasion (noun)


attendance (verb)
audience, house.
believing (verb)
Deeming, Affirming, believing, professing, assenting, assuming, Presuming, putting faith in, concluding, giving faith, Maintaining, judging, Surmising, holding, Supposing, taking for granted, accepting, Declaring, understanding, trusting, Crediting.
congregating (verb)
assembling, convening, Mustering, congregating, meeting.
convoking (verb)
expecting (verb)
Awaiting, envisioning, Suspecting, Dreading, Apprehending, Imagining, Expecting, Presupposing, Contemplating, Deducing, Foreknowing, foreseeing, Envisaging, Anticipating, Inferring, foreboding.
focusing (verb)
converging, intersecting, focusing, funneling, centering, rallying.
gather (verb)
collect, capture, round up, get together.
meeting (verb)
joining, bumping into, parliament, greeting, running into, Encountering, welcoming, Receiving.
socializing (verb)
talking, Hosting, hob-nobbing, attending, Conversing, Befriending, socializing.
taking (verb)
harvesting, impounding, Annexing, Nabbing, Monopolizing, collecting, Appropriating, Amassing, Reaping, Capturing, taking, Levying, Depriving, acquiring, bagging, Confiscating, Procuring, getting, abducting, Usurping, catching, Grabbing, Commandeering.
wrinkling (verb)
rippling, Corrugating, pleating, Crimping, Furrowing, Tucking, folding, Creasing, Wrinkling, doubling, Puckering.

Other synonyms:

depleted, accumulative, Amassment, graduated, declining, mob, herd, reunion, recovery, fourfold, huddle, Cumulation, growing, concentration, party, bunch. congeries, function, confluence, retrieval, council, exponential, attendance, galaxy, flock, acquisition, turnout. junction, convergence, circle, reception, congress, band, down, get together, round up. capture, mass. body. assembly
bevy, troop.
Other relevant words:
conventicle, bunch, mobilization, function, down, vestry, turnout, mass, troop, Cumulation, congeries, association, attendance, depleted, graduated, synod, meet, exponential, reception, fourfold, gang, club, reunion, collect, concentration, rout, press, parliament, junction, moot, queue, array, panel, congress, conflux, house, circle, crush, discussion, senate, levy, party, capture, confab, ingathering, constellation, herd, galaxy, acquisition, legislature, recovery, interchange, busload, muster, swarm, flock, connect, declining, convergence, committee, council, caravan, bevy, parley, caucus, collocation, growing, union, coven, retrieval, forgathering, society, social gathering, body, crew, get together, witenagemot, folkmoot, band, entertainment, Amassment, confluence, drove, diet, eisteddfod, horde, Gemote, posse, mob, audience, school, huddle, accumulative, combination.

Usage examples for gathering

  1. Then gathering up her hat and coat she went into her own apartments. – The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers
  2. What meant that gathering on the steps? – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. The people are moving down below, said the chief; the same we fought, and there are others gathering beyond the river. – The Golden Rock by Ernest Glanville