Synonyms for Atmosphere:


ozone layer, the ionosphere, atmospheric, the ether, aerospace, ceiling, the air, the biosphere. character, dense, airy, mood, current, airless, airflow, characteristic, environment, blast, Breathable, airborne. factor, aspect, quality, high, nature, property, peculiarity, component, place, feature, facet. kilowatt hour, joule, J, electromagnetic spectrum, newton, feeling, quantum, smell, calorie, therm, tone, be, photon, feel. medium, world, surroundings, limited, milieu. flavor, taste, smack, aroma, savor. air (noun)
climate, air, weather.
atmosphere (noun)
atm, aura, ambiance, standard pressure, air, ambience, standard atmosphere, atmospheric state.
conditions (noun)
environment (noun)
ambience, ambiance, surroundings.
gas (noun)
ethane, ozone, nerve gas, ether, ammonia, argon, natural gas, hydrogen, miasma, neon, laughing gas, tear gas, nitrogen, chlorine, carbon monoxide, helium, fume, rarefaction, carbon dioxide, butane, methane, gas, xenon, vapor, oxygen, acetylene.
gases around the earth (noun)
general feeling or mood (noun)
medium, feeling, property, tone, environment, quality, feel, character, flavor, surroundings, ambience, climate, mood, aura, taste, place.
location (noun)
state of mind (noun)

Other synonyms:

milieu, joule, photon, the ionosphere, dense, quantum, electromagnetic spectrum, airy, kilowatt hour, therm, airflow, character, newton, airless, Breathable, ozone layer. aroma, J, calorie, aerospace, atmospheric. ceiling, airborne, world, savor. mood, flavor. current, blast, feeling. tone, medium. Other relevant words:
feel, environment, Breathable, calorie, factor, medium, mood, aura, quality, character, milieu, kilowatt hour, atm, quantum, atmospheric, place, ambiance, feeling, limited, savor, photon, property, feature, smack, standard pressure, airless, J, ceiling, characteristic, joule, high, be, ambience, flavor, smell, therm, dense, peculiarity, surroundings, component, blast, nature, airborne, current, aerospace, aroma, standard atmosphere, taste, tone, airflow, aspect, atmospheric state, airy, facet, world, newton.

Usage examples for atmosphere

  1. The atmosphere was, however, so thick that their fire could only be directed by the map. – The Franco-German War of 1870-71 by Count Helmuth, von Moltke