Synonyms for Room:


digs, duplex, bedsit, condo, accommodation, bachelor apartment, bachelor pad, condominium, accommodations. addition, alcove, dining-room, body, balcony, niche, beading, cornerstone, bay, compartment, catacombs, brickwork, cabin, ceiling, salon. assemblage, vacancy, opening, crowd, opportunity, collection, club, place, age group, constellation, crush, busload, array. clearance, air pocket, expanse, quarters, infinity, bedroom, pad, footprint, distance, headroom, studio, gap. cocktail lounge, foyer, latitude, coffee shop, double room, margin, restraint, en suite, check-in, Elbowroom, family room, desk, play, bridal suite. likelihood, possibility, probability, promise, potentiality, threat, sporting chance, future. live on, manage, follow, lead, drop out, live by, live out your life, live, go without. apartment (noun)
apartments (noun)
apartment, flat, suite, tenement, dormitory, lodging.
arena (noun)
beat, circuit, province, turf, battlefield, gymnasium, battle-ground, ring, arena, auditorium, ground, realm, theater, circle, pen, circus, campus, hall, setting, hippodrome, domain, bailiwick, precinct, gallery, stage, amphitheater, colosseum, dominion, enclosure, courtyard, locale.
cabin (noun)
quarters, compartment.
capacity (noun)
space, measure.
chamber (noun)
bedroom, enclosure, hall, cell.
corridor (noun)
enclosure (noun)
extent (noun)
extent, territory, neighborhood, zone, scale, region, range, acreage, plane, volume, span, space, leeway, measure, scope, field, length, stretch, dimension, reach, plateau, area.
flat (noun)
room (noun)
cabin, vastness, reach, chamber, flat, apartment, suite, margin, lodging, opening, cubicle, place, accommodation, range, niche, leeway, alcove, volume, territory, elbow room, scope, area, extent, sweep, opportunity, capacity, latitude, way, turf, expanse, board, play, Elbowroom, clearance, cell.
space (noun)
capacity, sweep, vastness.


stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

capacity, go without, live by. clearance, drop out, pad, club. latitude, live on, addition, Elbowroom, margin. manage. live, follow. lead. bedchamber
Other relevant words:
cornerstone, duplex, array, likelihood, margin, clearance, body, capacity, crush, follow, condo, digs, latitude, promise, gap, headroom, club, probability, vacancy, brickwork, quarters, collection, restraint, accommodations, foyer, ceiling, place, distance, opportunity, expanse, manage, desk, sweep, threat, lead, live, accommodation, alcove, footprint, studio, salon, future, bedsit, niche, Elbowroom, vastness, possibility, balcony, busload, assemblage, pad, crowd, elbow room, way, cabin, addition, compartment, bay, beading, potentiality, infinity, constellation, play, condominium, opening, bedroom, catacombs, board.

Usage examples for room

  1. Come on up to your room dear. – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  2. He went up to his room – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich