Synonyms for Wide:


across-the-board (adjective)
all-encompassing, complete, encompassing, across the board, blanket, Everything, all-embracing, all, panoptic.
ample (adjective)
expansive, heavy, great, big.
broad (adjective)
far-flung, ubiquitous, extended.
capacious (adjective)
comfortable, sizable.
catholic (adjective)
diffuse, whole.
erroneous (adjective)
inclusive (adjective)
loose (adjective)
hanging, loose, flowing.
open (adjective)
out, wide-open, ajar.
size (adjective)
corpulent, bulky, dimensional, expansive, sizable, large, portly, long, great, measurable, extensive, chunky, broad, voluminous, high, amplitudinous, magnificent, big.
thick (adjective)
bulky, thick, expansive, broad.
wide (adjective)
astray, universal, broad, far, loose, sweeping, all-inclusive, spacious, full, extensive, comprehensive, general, large, inaccurate, ample, voluminous, away, open, large-scale, deep.
wide-ranging (adjective)


far and wide (adverb)


complete, whole, wholesale, the sum total, overall, all-or-nothing, altogether, all, Everything. diffuse, worldwide, generalized, tighten, all over the place, ubiquitous. broadly, approximate, roughly, incorrect, imprecise, inexact, approximately, questionable. king-size. detailed, blow-by-blow, broad-brush, elaborate, edited, general, descriptive, 101. as much as possible (noun)
simply, to the max, in full measure, (up) to the hilt, utmost, to the fullest, most, as far as possible, as soon/quickly/much etc. as possible.
extensive (noun)
large-scale, universal.
inaccurate (noun)
sparse (noun)
scattered, far-flung, far, separated, away.
wide (noun)
large, sweeping, beamy, extended, blanket, panoramic, round-eyed, encompassing, heavy, countrywide, in width, citywide, panoptic, big, broad, wide-eyed, in breadth, countywide, all-inclusive, opened, extensive, spacious, stretching, considerable, wide-spreading, schoolwide, broad-brimmed, spreading, wide-cut, full, ample, comfortable, inaccurate, nationwide, fanlike, overspreading, widely, astray, overhanging, covering, bird's eye, deep, comprehensive, statewide, all-embracing, open, all-encompassing, wide-screen, thick, across the board, wide of the mark.

Other synonyms:

far-flung. across-the-board
across the board.
as much as possible
most, utmost.
bird's eye.

Usage examples for wide

  1. I pointed out the tapestry and explained that a wide strip of it was missing. – The Turnstile by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  2. Yes, far and wide – Foes by Mary Johnston
  3. No one in this whole wide world. – Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border by Annie Roe Carr