Synonyms for Floor:


boundary, restraint, loft, constraint, downstairs, landing, attic, garret, cellar, confines, flat, limit, restriction, upstairs, limitation, basement, control, mezzanine, check, range. astonish, flatten, fell, prostrate, strike down, flash mob, drop, throw, astound, amaze, bring down, spring a surprise, rise, shake up. bowl over, full house, box office, boggle, concertgoer, flabbergast, stagger, audience, captive audience, dumbfound, surprise, moviegoer, the gate, excite, house, mosh pit. box in, block in, carve up, back up, change down, car pool, carry, buckle up, bypass, bus. gallery, ground floor, lower ground floor, the first floor. bear market, bull, broker-dealer, bear, bullish, bid price, bondholder, bull market, bid, bearish. chamber, dissolve, lower house, dissolution, the Dail, diet, constituency, parliament, parliamentarian. club, maypole, strip club, disco, strip joint, dance hall, dance floor, nightclub, nightspot. aquifer, fault, geology, crust, faultline, continental shelf, continental drift, geography, geological. knock, lay out, take down, punch someone's lights out. lay, wallpaper, render, do up, do over, prime, redecorate, whitewash, paper, paint. artifact (noun)
bottom of a room; level of a multistory building (noun)
carpet, flooring, flat, ground, mezzanine, story, downstairs, rug, cellar, basement, deck, upstairs, landing, stage.
communication (noun)
floor (noun)
base, flooring, dump, knock-down, storey, take aback, deck, story, blow out of the water, ball over, coldcock, trading floor, shock, stun.
place (noun)
campus, site, station, spot, stage, habitat, location, ground, arena, place, circus, forum.


perplex, confound (verb)
bring down, prostrate, fell, throw, drop, dumbfound, bowl over, flatten.

Other synonyms:

mosh pit, lower ground floor, dance floor, dance hall, captive audience, the Dail, nightspot, lower house, moviegoer, concertgoer, continental shelf, the first floor, nightclub, boggle, maypole, strip club, continental drift, upstairs, faultline, basement, strip joint, downstairs, mezzanine, linoleum, ground floor, full house. bowl over, box office, dumbfound, constituency, flabbergast. prostrate, strike down, dissolution, parliament, fell, geography. crust, diet, dissolve, gallery. audience, loft, stagger, take down. fault. chamber, throw, lay out. house. club. knock. amaze
bowl over.
knock down
Other relevant words:
beading, astound, check, geology, nightspot, body, deck, faultline, moviegoer, whitewash, parliamentarian, geography, bull, dump, broker-dealer, dissolution, bus, paper, shock, catacombs, rug, bearish, restraint, cellar, bay, gallery, surprise, disco, prostrate, ground floor, dance floor, downstairs, bear, loft, ball over, geological, garret, base, story, carpet, audience, bypass, redecorate, bullish, upstairs, take down, flat, range, knock-down, dissolve, constraint, brickwork, knock, control, rise, basement, alcove, aquifer, astonish, parliament, constituency, strike down, trading floor, nightclub, paint, crust, bondholder, restriction, carry, club, boggle, bring down, fault, excite, bid, throw, flatten, prime, parterre, flabbergast, concertgoer, chamber, balcony, attic, linoleum, wallpaper, storey, mezzanine, dumbfound, landing, boundary, drop, addition, maypole, coldcock, render, amaze, confines, stun, stagger, blow out of the water, fell, take aback, house, lay, limit, bowl over, flooring, limitation, lay out, diet.

Usage examples for floor

  1. The church itself rose perhaps two hundred feet from floor to roof. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. You'll find the third floor shut off; the rooms up there are Maxwell's, and no one goes in but him. – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith
  3. To the floor above? – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman