Synonyms for Board:


equally (adverb)
fairly, impartially, equally.


lath, squat, arrive, inhabit, live, lumber, reside, beam, slat, come from, populate, settle, strip, settle down. booking, book on, aboard, Booking office, aisle seat, mess, ARR, bus, victuals, eats, afloat, bookable, keep. leadership, harbor, chamber of commerce, billet, directorate, domicile, boardroom, house, put up, berth, C-OF-C, lodge, protection, management, quarter, bunk, middle management, bed, accommodate, bestow, the front office, administration (of an estate). bitumen, asbestos, catch, take, boarding, caulk, brownstone, aggregate, brick, adobe, used, cement. performing arts, embark, stage, transfer, off, change, on, deplane, disembarkation. cloze test, Ged, AP, baccalaureate, eleven-plus, bar exam, comprehension, the ACT, the boards, final. cabal, clinic, class, army, corps. directory, bulletin board, no., carry, keep out, noticeboard, plaque, banner. stave, chipboard, yoke, log, stick, duckboards, wood pulp, batten. room service, minibar, order up, room and board, full board, bed-and-breakfast, hospitality tray, hotel, housekeeping. board (noun)
control panel, dining table, instrument panel, get on, panel, circuit card, control board, gameboard, card, plank, table, circuit board, room, display panel, display board.
circuit board (noun)
circuit card.
council (noun)
coalition, summit, faction, congress, conference, cadre, inquisition, panel, convention, council, caucus, legislature, forum, cabinet, quorum, chamber, assembly, meeting, body, congregation, parliament, committee, symposium, league.
court (noun)
court, court-martial, judicature, tribunal, session, bar, appellate court, supreme court, circuit court, court of law, bench.
food (noun)
food, table.
group of advisers (noun)
committee, cabinet, directorate, council.
meal (noun)
lunch, feed, breakfast, mess, grub, snack, foodstuff, food, keep, drink, spread, dinner, taste, sustenance, feast, victuals, cuisine, bread, meat, picnic, morsel, barbecue, eats, consumption, banquet, meal, nutriment, eating, fare, repast, ingestion.
piece of wood (noun)
panel, slat, plank, lath, strip.
supply (noun)
deployment, grant, provision, contribution, donation, delivery, dispensation, replenishment, supply, endowment.
table (noun)
dining table, table.
timber (noun)


embark on vehicle (verb)
catch, get on.
motion (verb)
get on.
provide food and sleeping quarters (verb)
put up, harbor, quarter, room, house, accommodate, lodge, bed, feed.
supply (verb)
deliver, sell, cater, reinforce, replenish, endow, reload, deploy, provide, dispense, clothe, contribute, donate.

Other synonyms:

cabal, settle, book on, adobe, aboard, squat, plaque, inhabit, chipboard, aisle seat, bulletin board, Booking office, keep out, leadership, minibar, boardroom, full board, duckboards, hospitality tray, bitumen, boarding, afloat, come from, batten, brownstone, room service, asbestos, arrive, room and board, wood pulp, lath, beam, chamber of commerce, clinic, live, noticeboard, the front office, ARR, deplane, brick, caulk, reside, populate, directorate, settle down, middle management, C-OF-C. corps, domicile, lodge, transfer, management, bed-and-breakfast, banner, stave, administration (of an estate), order up, cement. accommodate, hotel, army, housekeeping, bus, yoke, bunk. directory, log, quarter, aggregate, harbor, stage. bestow, class, change, bed, off. on. no.. catch. stick. carry. take. quarter
set out
Other relevant words:
carry, bus, accommodate, batten, used, boardroom, display board, aboard, class, ARR, army, AP, Ged, final, fairly, asbestos, reside, cement, control board, strip, brownstone, display panel, cabal, lodge, directorate, embark, hotel, equally, keep, bitumen, deplane, eats, management, mess, table, slat, berth, dining table, protection, squat, stick, booking, chipboard, instrument panel, stave, control panel, stage, live, brick, yoke, victuals, card, inhabit, adobe, minibar, quarter, bed, bulletin board, leadership, on, arrive, comprehension, directory, room, populate, plaque, afloat, transfer, bestow, boarding, noticeboard, domicile, corps, housekeeping, plank, aggregate, caulk, baccalaureate, circuit card, gameboard, house, circuit board, duckboards, beam, banner, off, get on, bookable, take, catch, eleven-plus, billet, lumber, disembarkation, impartially, settle, log, clinic, change, harbor, lath, the boards, bunk.

Usage examples for board

  1. We got on board and went off. – The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade by the British Parliament (1808), Vol. I by Thomas Clarkson
  2. Did he pay his board – Lavender and Old Lace by Myrtle Reed
  3. Dick was so delighted that it was with difficulty we could get him to come on board again and dress for breakfast. – A Yacht Voyage Round England by W.H.G. Kingston