Synonyms for Wandering:


deflected (adjective)
drifting, varied, Digressing, divergent, Deviated, Shifted, Refracting, aberrant, Deflected.
errant (adjective)
inattentive (adjective)
inattentive, unconcerned, heedless, thoughtless, unmindful, dreamy, absent, distracted, napping, aloof, faraway, befuddled, uninterested, inadvertent, disinterested, unheedful, Disregardful, unconscious, detached, Ignoring, preoccupied, Absent-minded, negligent, oblivious.
itinerant (adjective)
nomadic, rambling, digressive, devious, Roaming, roving, straying, wayfaring, Deviating, drifting, traveling, errant.
meandering (adjective)
Trekking, Strolling, Jaunting.
motiveless (adjective)
flighty, capricious, careless, Flitting, unmethodical, irregular, arbitrary, reasonless, rambling, impulsive, indecisive, fickle, chancy, nonsystematic, Systemless, wayward, random, spastic, sporadic, volatile, whimsical, adrift, fleeting, ambivalent, fanciful, haphazard, motiveless.
nomadic (adjective)
tramping (adjective)
traveling (adjective)
unintelligible (adjective)
wandering (adjective)
nomadic, moving, coursing, itinerant, traveling, Promenading, Ambling, rambling, Roaming, Trekking, touring, journeying, Strolling, walking, wayfaring, marching, Hiking, Sojourning, roving.
wordy (adjective)
superfluous, excessive, loquacious, lengthy, talkative, chatty, wordy, bombastic, windy, long-winded, verbose, rambling, featherbedding, ponderous, endless, grandiloquent.


itinerant, restless, ambulatory, ranging, roundabout, idle, peripatetic. disconnected, digressive, discursive, incongruous, incoherent. errant, move. purpose, stray, devious.


deflecting (verb)
shifting, departing, Deflecting, Diffracting.
deviating (verb)
diverging, veering, changing, varying, Deviating, differing, straying.
wandering (verb)
driving, cycling, tripping, Jaunting.

Other synonyms:

peripatetic. restless. devious. itinerant
Other relevant words:
errant, itinerant, ranging, stray, incoherent, discursive, roundabout, disconnected, peripatetic, devious, restless, move, aberrant, digressive.

Usage examples for wandering

  1. If his uncle really had something important to say, this was a strange request, and if he had not, his thoughts must be wandering – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  2. I should be ashamed to go wandering up and down the roads with a sack. – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi
  3. I don't want to go wandering all over the works looking for him. – The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve