Synonyms for Standing:


motionless (adjective)
inert, immobile, stagnant, tranquil, idle, languid, inactive, still, motionless, becalmed, Resting, quiet, unmoving, dead, fixed, stationary, dormant, vegetative, static, calm, sleeping.
permanent (adjective)
fixed, continuing.


flowing, rolling, saline, aerated, hard, brackish, boiling, soft, Chlorinated, dilute. center, face, center forward, boy, back, respect, club, ballplayer, blue, prestige, conference, all-American, backfield. level, echelon, caste, stratum, tier, ranking. continuous, continuing, continual, unbroken, forever, unfailing, endless, unceasing, indefinite. spreadeagled, knee-deep, on tiptoe(s), on your feet. character (noun)
kind, reputation, description, individuality, character, personality, stature, nature, temperament, peculiarity, class, repute.
circumstances (noun)
importance (noun)
stature, mark.
position, rank (noun)
reputation, footing, stature, prestige, character, station, repute, situation, place, status, condition, state, term, scene.
rank (noun)
place, stage, footing, term, range, scale, degree, mark, rank, grade, step.
reputation (noun)
name, infamy, profile, track record.
situation (noun)
environment, condition, quality, property, style, arrangement, status, formation, scene, circumstance, placement, ambience, spot, location, post, aspect, state, mode, position, station, configuration, situation, layout, disposition, modality, site.
social class (noun)
social status (noun)
time period (noun)


contending (verb)
defending, Disputing, Resisting, facing, Quarreling, arguing, protesting, Encountering, brawling, antagonizing, contending, wrestling, wrangling, contrasting, Vying, conflicting, opposing, hassling, confronting, Withstanding, bickering, clashing, struggling, dissenting.
resting (verb)
waiting, fixing, tranquilizing, Vegetating, subsiding, marking time, Staying, settling down, Stilling, slumbering, Becalming, Pausing, Stagnating, Quieting, settling, calming.
situating (verb)
posting, locating, laying, Placing, situating, putting.

Other synonyms:

prestige, caste. knee-deep. prestige

Usage examples for standing

  1. As I was going into school to- day she was standing at the door. – Lalage's Lovers 1911 by George A. Birmingham
  2. She caught his arm, and standing very close to him, looked up now into his face. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini
  3. He was making straight for the pine where I was standing – Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales by Leo Tolstoy