Synonyms for Assumed:


all (adjective)
fictitious, false, pretended, fictive, put on, sham.
assumptive (adjective)
taken for granted.
expected (adjective)
hypothetical, accepted, presumed, supposed, granted, Presupposed, understood, Inferred, Surmised, given, taken for granted, suppositional.
imitative (adjective)
mirror, Echoed, counterfeit, Parodied, Mimicked, duplicate, Impersonated, parroted, imitative, mock, Replicated, copied, Aped, reproduced, parallel.
pretended (adjective)
fictitious, made-up, sham, counterfeit, spurious, pretended, false.


assumed (noun)
assumptive, arrogated, fictitious, taken, fictive, false, acknowledged, pretended, taken for granted, counterfeit, imitative, put on, sham.
fictitious (noun)
taken for granted (noun)
granted, hypothetical, given, suppositional.


acquired (verb)
taken, added, Annexed, received, Procured, Purchased, Lured, collected, accumulated, Incurred, netted, Caught, Bought, Garnered, amassed, Reaped, Harvested, Scored, Retrieved, Bagged, Claimed, Palmed, Pocketed, heaped, Fetched, Obtained, secured, Gotten, Got, cornered, won, Wrangled, Took, Captured, acquired, landed.
believed (verb)
held, Assented, presumed, Believed, credited, Surmised, trusted, given faith, gave faith, maintained, declared, gathered, accepted, supposed, understood, concluded, took for granted, Deemed, Judged, put faith in, taken for granted, professed, affirmed.
expected (verb)
expected, Envisaged, Foreboded, envisioned, Presupposed, Foreknown, foreseen, dreaded, foresaw, imagined, suspected, Contemplated, awaited, anticipated, Inferred, Foreknew, apprehended, Deduced.
hoped (verb)
Aspired, Yearned, dreamed of, Hoped, wanted, desired, dreamt of, Relied, Wished, intended.
supposed (verb)

Other synonyms:

pseudonymous. granted. made-up.

Usage examples for assumed

  1. How much might be saved, if in discussion, the thing to be proved was always assumed – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. That is her assumed character! – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  3. His manner assumed a sudden decision, his voice rose a tone louder. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins