Synonyms for Brace:


mainstay, stave, truss, compress, band aid, cast, bearing, rafter, staff, round, shore, cotton ball, lever, bar, corset, bolster, crutch, strut, girder, block, reinforcement, skid, jack, collar, boom, cotton, stanchion, beam, bracer, splint, arm, peg, cane, rib, bandage. frame, joist, scaffold, Underpinning, foundation, gantry, framework. same, bear, group, prop up, hold up, steady yourself, shore up, break someone's fall. steel, cummerbund, forearm, prepared, drawstring, ready, cufflink, eyelet, gird, eye. fold your arms/hands, close, reach out, stretch, extend, wave, bend, open, spread, kick. bevy, colony, gaggle, flight, hive, flock, herd, drove, community. batten down, stand by, have something up your sleeve, be ripe for something, steel yourself, be/go on red alert, screw up the courage/nerve to do something, be looking to do something, be in business. four, quintet, pairing, quartet, foursome, score. beam (noun)
brace (noun)
perk up, distich, energize, arouse, dyad, span, gallus, braces, duad, bitstock, twain, duet, yoke, stabilise, pair, couple, stabilize, couplet, bracing, twosome, poise, duo, suspender, energise, steady, doubleton, stimulate.
dentistry (noun)
amalgam, crown, caries, cavity, cap, dentistry.
duality (noun)
two, duo, duet, team, doublet, yoke, dyad, couplet, span, match, pair, couple, twosome.
fastener (noun)
lock, belt, clinch, tack, rabbet, thread, bracket, hasp, braid, cinch, knitting, suture, medium, bond, cincture, latch, fastener, bonding, cement, bolt, lace, zipper, hitch, connector, cleat, grapnel, clasp, buckle, coupling, hinge, glue, nail, middleman, catch, mucilage, ligament, splice, button, Vinculum, seal, guy, pin, knot, vise, weld, hawser, string, tie, brad, band, cotter, agent, binder, stay, fuse, stitch, fastening, snap, spike, anchor, clamp, clip, chain, closure, strap, skewer, rivet, twine, mediator, link, go-between, staple, binding, paste, hook.
grip (noun)
handle (noun)
pull, lug, shank, trigger, spindle, stock, doorknob, handle, crank, knocker, knob, brake.
punctuation (noun)
apostrophe, comma, bad break, bullet point, ampersand, colon, bullet.
support (noun)
strut, boom, mainstay, stanchion, joist, band, buttress, bracer, bolster, staff, girder, shore, peg, stay, prop, truss, clamp, arm, guy, Underpinning, stave, splice, bearing, skid, support, rib, block, splint, bar, lever, reinforcement, crutch, rafter, bracket.
tie (noun)
tie, ligament, zipper.


emotion (verb)
strengthen (verb)
empower, harden, reinforce, vivify, temper, beef up, energize, support, strengthen, prop, invigorate, fortify, toughen, buttress, enliven.
support (verb)
strengthen, ready, hold up, strap, gird, tie, reinforce, fortify, steel, reinforcement, steady, bandage, support.

Other synonyms:

beam, gaggle, forearm, foursome, crutch, splint. bevy, four, prop up, hive, Underpinning, pairing, shore, herd, gird. colony, steel, quartet, quintet, drove, stand by. flock. hold up, community. flight. bear. score. braces
toughen, harden.
apostrophe, comma, bad break, bullet point, ampersand, colon, bullet.
beef up.
Other relevant words:
jack, shore up, bolster, bear, gaggle, eye, stabilise, compress, foundation, reinforcement, framework, boom, bullet, crutch, spread, flight, cane, mainstay, cap, bracer, perk up, eyelet, bearing, braces, foursome, prepared, crown, skid, cummerbund, bend, close, twain, pairing, bevy, duad, four, distich, corset, hold up, doubleton, quintet, peg, colony, caries, lever, cufflink, stretch, strut, extend, stabilize, scaffold, shore, colon, amalgam, energise, bitstock, community, block, staff, rafter, same, apostrophe, group, ampersand, open, suspender, stimulate, stanchion, hive, bar, bracing, dentistry, flock, cast, forearm, cavity, round, splint, bandage, cotton, band aid, steady, arouse, gird, collar, gallus, prop up, girder, arm, truss, stave, drawstring, rib, comma, frame, drove, herd, Underpinning, wave, beam, score, kick, steel, joist, quartet, ready, couple, gantry, poise.

Usage examples for brace

  1. As he ain't, I s'pose I must brace up, and do the best I can," said Joe, as I wiped the drops from his forehead, and tried to look as if his prospect was a bright one. – Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories by Louisa M. Alcott
  2. Potts will give me something to brace me." – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  3. This will help to brace you up." – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson