Synonyms for Procure:


derive, accept, find, get together, bring. courtesan, gigolo, come by, ho, call girl, hustle, pick up, brothel, harlot, bordello, escort. obtain (noun)
study at obtain.
procure (noun)
secure, pander.


acquire (verb)
heap, wrangle, retrieve, net, add, purchase, receive, lure, accumulate, obtain, garner, assume, secure, land, palm, buy, incur, score, claim, fetch, win, corner, pocket.
acquire, obtain (verb)
grab, come by, land, find, pick up, purchase, appropriate, get, score, win, secure, buy, annex.
possession (verb)
take (verb)
collect, usurp, monopolize, gather, acquire, impound, levy, deprive, abduct, get, catch, amass, reap, confiscate, grab, annex, commandeer, nab, appropriate, capture, take, bag, harvest.

Other synonyms:

derive. come by. acquire
come by.
Other relevant words:
derive, find, escort, ho, brothel, come by, courtesan, harlot, bordello, pander, accept, hustle, bring, gigolo.

Usage examples for procure

  1. But even Chladni's reputation and the arguments he brought forward failed to procure universal assent. – The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball
  2. And did the Countess Lamotte- Valois procure for you this audience? – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  3. He was to procure the assistance of the King of France for the Netherlands. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley