Synonyms for Athlete:


discus, athletics, cross country, distance, the broad jump, athletic, caber, decathlon, event. athlete (noun)
person (noun)
person involved in sports (noun)
competitor, contender, contestant, amateur, professional, jock, challenger, jockey.
player (noun)
football player, professional, Pole Vaulter, skater, contender, diver, shot putter, swimmer, sportswoman, swordsman, boxer, Trackman, weight lifter, slalom racer, challenger, sportsman, marathoner, hockey player, polo player, wrestler, tennis player, semi-professional, contestant, jockey, long-jumper, bicyclist, bowler, ski jumper, competitor, runner, ballplayer, varsity man, high-jumper, fencer, basketball player, volleyball player, pugilist, gymnast, hurdler, skier, badminton player, javelin thrower, soccer player, golfer, jogger, champion, amateur, acrobat, discus thrower.

Other synonyms:

discus, athletics, runner, diver, the broad jump, athletic, caber, decathlon, gymnast. event. cross country. distance. Other relevant words:
boxer, contender, professional, acrobat, contestant, ballplayer, distance, decathlon, amateur, hurdler, event, competitor, wrestler, diver, sportsman, athletics, runner, gymnast, challenger, champion, jockey, caber, pugilist, sportswoman, skater.

Usage examples for athlete

  1. Such a course of study had made of him an intellectual athlete – Colorado--The Bright Romance of American History by F. C. Grable
  2. She set her pole to the ground and vaulted over the high picket- fence, like an athlete – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor
  3. Mark apprehended more clearly than ever the powerful personality of Father Rowley when he found that these noble young animals accorded to him the same quality of respect that they gave to a popular master or even to a popular athlete – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie