Synonyms for Spread:


divergent (adjective)
Deflecting, split, Dispersing, separate, divergent.
exaggerated (adjective)
expanded (adjective)
fattened, dilated, enlarged, extended, thickened, increased, incremented, burgeoned, Amplified, magnified, Broadened, lengthened, expanded, inflated, spread thin, Overflowed, scattered, sown, Widened, diffused, opened, stretched, augmented, Disseminated, engorged, unfurled, swollen, strewn, Distended, developed.
increased (adjective)


cartoon, radiate, banner headline, sow, byline, cast, article, cheesecake, advice column, artwork, classified ad, centerfold, announcement. flatten, awaken, touch, inspire, rouse, arouse, flow, have, lie, ignite, affect, level, provoke, invoke. cover, spray, overlay, discharge, enamel, plaster, veneer, incur, smear, liquidate, gild, default, paint, pave, spatter, coat, forgive, gloss, wax, liquidation, amortize, compound, plate, daub. carrier, candida, cross-contamination, defense mechanism, biosecurity, antibody, contagion, declare, publish, defense, advertise, proclaim, cross infection, fester. Outstretch, ration out, redistribute, fan, pool, double up, share, switch off, move. emerge, appear, wide, percolate, strew, get out, come out, leak out. postpone, put on, put off, fix, time, schedule, put back, bring forward, rearrange, reschedule, cap. concentrate, get, belong, stand, occupy, there is/are etc., communicate, pass, sit, convey, exist, carry. brunch, promulgate, a bite, Barbie, box lunch, buffet, blazon, noise, breakfast bar, bruit, BBQ, knowledge, blaze. blend, chill, travel, blanch, carve, butter, bone, bake, butcher, butchery, beat. lay, bend, fold your arms/hands, set, wave, order, kick, reach out. firestorm, combustion, wildfire, inferno, spontaneous combustion, flame, fire, ignition. gauge, span, depth, girth, width, thickness. jam, marmalade, caviar, jelly, preserve, peanut butter. cause, infect. creep, clear, cross, falter, gleam, crease, flash, crumple, furrow, express. try, force, crack something open, unscrew, burst open, undo, pry, unlock. sprawl, run, spill over. put in, hedge, roll over, speculate, plow into, invest, underwrite, save, pay into, sink. bedclothes (noun)
bedding, bedlinen, bolster, canopy, afghan.
bedding (noun)
sheet, bedclothes, eiderdown.
bedspread (noun)
blanket, sheeting, coverlet, bedspread, sheet, quilt, comforter, bedclothes, eiderdown, linen, bedcover.
event (noun)
expansion, development; extent (noun)
reach, stretch, span, spreading, increase.
meal (noun)
food, taste, bread, sustenance, snack, repast, foodstuff, drink, picnic, feed, consumption, nutriment, board, banquet, morsel, ingestion, fare, lunch, dinner, feast, barbecue, grub, eating, breakfast, meal, cuisine, meat.
outlay of food, meal (noun)
dinner, repast, feast, lunch, banquet.
piece of writing (noun)
preserves (noun)
spread (noun)
circularize, propagate, distribute, bed cover, gap, disseminate, bedspread, bedcover, paste, spreading, dispersed, ranch, bed covering, distributed, extended, diffuse, facing pages, outspread, scatter, spreadhead, counterpane, spread-out, open, disperse, circularise, pass around, overspread, circulate, cattle farm, broadcast, unfold, fan out, prepared, cattle ranch.


contact (verb)
distribute, open, unfold, propagate.
diverge (verb)
disperse, separate, deflect, diverge, veer, split.
diverged (verb)
separated, Veered, Deflected, Diverged, dispersed.
expand (verb)
dilate, fatten, amplify, inflate, develop, engorge, lengthen, increase, grow, stretch, increment, thicken, widen, burgeon, broaden, enlarge, expand, swell, magnify, augment, extend, distend.
expanded (verb)
Grew, grown, swelled.
open or fan out (verb)
roll out, enlarge, set, daub, overlay, lie, cast, sprawl, smear, Outstretch, disperse, level, develop, circulate, cover, expand, paint, lay, coat, flatten, diffuse, unfurl, flow, branch off, strew, swell, unfold, spray, broaden, widen, unwind, dilate, unroll, open, extend, gloss, diverge, lengthen, radiate.
preserves (verb)
publicize (verb)
declare, proclaim, advertise, scatter, promulgate, sow, broadcast, propagate, publish, disseminate, distribute, blazon.

Other synonyms:

capacity, leak out, advertise, radiate, marmalade, reach out, bruit, peanut butter, percolate, caviar, cover, blazon. emerge, announce, Outstretch, strew, thickness, preserve, butter, proclaim. infect, fan, width, promulgate, unroll, jelly, girth, overlay. cap, travel. lay. communicate, convey, span, gauge. bend, cause, kick, depth. put out. wave. carry. pass, set. cover
expand, fan out, thicken, outspread.
branch off.
fan out
fan out.
open up
spread out
unfurl, spread-out, unfold.
Other relevant words:
disseminate, distributed, strewn, lie, scattered, sow, publish, radiate, unfold, bruit, spreading, width, diffuse, reach, strew, run, span, advertise, circulate, cover, distribute, propagate, scatter, promulgate, spreadhead, open, Disseminated, outspread, carry, broadcast, sprawl, depth.

Usage examples for spread

  1. " It's simple enough, but first let me spread out the situation as I see it. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  2. Room to spread for forty thousand more people. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  3. Bow your neck and spread – Life On The Mississippi, Part 1. by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)