Synonyms for Drop:


diminish, crater, downturn, dwindle, precipitation, precipice, upset, reduction. conduct, escort, deliver, walk, quickly, lead, bring, shepherd, drive, haul off, come, immediately, at the slightest provocation. inspect, stare, check on, look around, examine, gaze, survey, take in, see, dry, look. air-to-air, aerospace, airspeed, ingestion, air traffic control, snort, dram, AIR CORRIDOR, sip, jigger, aerobatics, tot, big, nip, slug, airborne, shot, air pocket, airdrop. attack, all, cushion, fragment, chalk something up, spot, dot, Ort, ounce, jot, aggregate, tittle, deadlock, minim, scruple, concede, molecule, assist, trifle. deepness, enunciate, depth, surface, stammer, pronunciation, articulate, stutter, diction, intone, articulation, pronounce, roll/trip/slip off the tongue. shrivel, minimize, top-slice, halve. collapse, upper hand, advantage, better, over, edge, jump, bulge, vantage, cutback, inside track, superiority. call, bail out, ballooning, gliding, pay a visit, come over, come by, look up, run-in, pop in, chute, bungee jumping, base jumping, look-in, drop in, bale out, cliff jumping, visit. bench, draft, call up, captaincy, draft in, commissioner. drink, pick-me-up, nectar, infusion, beverage, potion, refreshments. jet, river, moisture, leak, condensation, spatter, splash. bubble gum, caramel, candy, candy bar, chew, candyfloss, candy apple, candy cane, center, bonbon. fall out, cut off, break up, split up, dump, defriend, finish with. break, modulate, choke, harden, quaver, lift. lose your balance/footing. bear, bring along, bring around, bring through, bring over, cart. radius, reach, step, hairsbreadth, piece. dry up, keep your mouth shut, falter, shut up, bite your tongue/lip, fall silent, hush, turn over to, hold your tongue, clam up. delivery, consignment, inundation, referral, remittance, relocation, to your door, Nondelivery. miss out, shut out of, set/put something aside, to the exclusion of something, count out. measure, tingle, tinge, sliver, element, vestige, a touch of something. open, pucker, salivate, shut, hawk. shift. bead (noun)
decrease (noun)
precipitation, slump, downtrend, slide, downswing, downturn, upset, downslide, slip, decline, reduction.
descent (noun)
grade, descent, slope, comedown.
drop (noun)
dangle, flatten, fell, shake off, overleap, swing, throw off, drop curtain, cast, strike down, shed, expend, spend, pretermit, cut down, throw away, throw, put down, set down, discharge, miss, deteriorate, leave out, drop off, neglect, knock off, drop cloth, cliff, free fall, unload, cast off, degenerate, omit, fall, pearl, overlook, driblet, bead.
drop in (noun)
pop in, come over, visit, come by.
drop off (noun)
decrease, deliver, dwindle, set down, sink, plummet, decline, plunge, unload.
drop out (noun)
abandon, quit, forsake, give up, renounce, leave.
event (noun)
globule (noun)
bit, smidgen, droplet, driblet, splash, teardrop, morsel, spot, speck, bead, nip, ounce, tear, sip, molecule, dab, dash, trace, particle, iota, pearl, crumb.
hint (noun)
leap (noun)
measure (noun)
particle (noun)
bit, smidgen, granule, grain, touch, Flyspeck, modicum, trace, speck, atom, morsel, particle, whit, shred, mite, dab, dash, smithereen, pittance, iota, scrap, crumb.
plunge (noun)
dive, pitch, swoop.
shape (noun)
pearl, bead.
sip (noun)
steep decline; hole (noun)
depth, deepness, descent, fall, precipice, plunge, tumble, slope.
theater curtain (noun)
drop curtain.


abandon (verb)
defect, evacuate, desert, surrender, relinquish, quit, abandon, resign, discontinue, forsake, abdicate, leave, vacate.
descend (verb)
slip, slump, settle, topple, fall down, decline, slide, come down, plunge, tumble, plummet, fall, lower, descend, sink.
fall in globules (verb)
leak, descend.
let go of; fall (verb)
unload, fell, lower, dive, topple, pitch, shed, sink, give up, abandon, relinquish, dump, plummet, release, collapse, depress.
lose (verb)
decrement, forfeit, divest, decrease, debit, misplace, dissolve, deplete, lose, erode, dissipate, exhaust, shrink, dispossess.
lower (verb)
shorten, depress, submerge, deepen.
plunge (verb)
dive, plunge, fall, pitch, swoop, plummet.
rid (verb)
disclaim, waive, dismiss, part with, shed, cancel, let go, vent, relegate, reject, renounce, release, capitulate, jettison, dispose, rid, dispel, discard, disown, forgo.

Other synonyms:

deepness, potion, chute, freshen, base jumping, drink, ditch, hairsbreadth, halve, droplet, salivate, crater, inside track, minim, beverage, referral, cease, downturn, pause, tinge, jigger, fall out, gliding, downslide, finish with, moisture, downtrend, depth, pick-me-up, shut out of, globule, vestige, ballooning, advantage, miss out, Nondelivery, cliff jumping, defriend, downswing, leak, bungee jumping. condensation, airlift, Ort, sliver, jot, molecule, river, upper hand, split up, bank, remittance, ounce, quaver, infusion, bale out, nectar, slug, jump, snort, tittle, vantage. scruple, sip, nosedive, skid, count out, captain, radius, bulge, gust, o.d., fragment, consignment, dot, collapse, pucker. jack up, tingle, jet, mainline, break up, shut. bail out, shot, buzz, hawk, tot, modulate. element, howl, spot, trifle, delivery. reach, splash, get up. lash, edge, step, choke. measure, dump, piece, draft. shift, blow. pick up. break. lift. open. abandon
let go.
dry up.
drop off.
get rid of
ditch, discard.
touch on, allude to, refer to.
knock off.
set down.
put down.
shake off
shake off.
throw off.

Usage examples for drop

  1. I'd like to see your people drop you in a small town where you had to make your living for a little while." – Rose of Dutcher's Coolly by Hamlin Garland
  2. Well, I reckon I'll go under and ha' a drop – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  3. I expect he'll be making this an excuse to drop in again. – Bird of Paradise by Ada Leverson