Synonyms for Crane:


bestride, balance, cower, burrow, crook, crouch, double over, bow, bend. dipper, grebe. gantry, skid, pulley, jib, block and tackle, sling. bird (noun)
falcon, owl, cockatoo, goose, nuthatch, puffin, turkey, eagle, robin, lark, penguin, sparrow, raven, chickadee, tern, heron, blue jay, bald eagle, cassowary, turtledove, parrot, road runner, booby, buzzard, albatross, woodpecker, thrush, egret, sea gull, harrier, curlew, yellowbird, kingfisher, hummingbird, cuckoo, duck, bullfinch, barn owl, bluebird, bluebill, teal, squab, jackdaw, flamingo, sandpiper, canary, grouse, vulture, nightingale, snipe, cardinal, redbird, grosbeak, condor, mallard, ibis, redwing, peregrine, parakeet, loon, quetzal, pigeon, blackbird, swift, osprey, ringtail, starling, mockingbird, partridge, macaw, lovebird, peacock, spoonbill, crow, hawk, songbird, sheldrake, swan, crested jay, dodo, wren, bird, emu, myna, jay, waxwing, plover, pelican, magpie, finch, coot, pheasant, rook, weaver, grackle, dove, oriole, gull, ostrich, cormorant, Canada Goose, mourning dove, goldfinch, horned owl, bittern, stork.
crane (noun)
Hart Crane, Harold Hart Crane, Stephen Crane, stretch out.
lift (noun)
elevator, davit, derrick.
person (noun)
Stephen Crane, Harold Hart Crane, Hart Crane.


body (verb)
stretch out.

Other synonyms:

burrow, bestride, dipper, crouch, double over, grebe, pulley, cower, block and tackle. derrick, jib. skid, bow, crook. bend. sling. balance. harold hart crane
Harold Hart Crane.

Usage examples for crane

  1. While we were at the hospital, the crane man hooked onto the Towle and lifted it out of the water and gently set it down on the dock. – The First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928 by Robert B. Meyer
  2. " A crane never goes near kingbirds' nests or notices so small a bird," he said, " and therefore there could be no fighting between them." – The Story of My Boyhood and Youth by John Muir