Synonyms for Reproduce:


photograph, type, reprint, lamb, calve, foal, stereotype, albumen, whelp, portray, record, run off. redo, continue, follow, bring back, rerun, replay, re-create, renew, mirror, recount, remake, retry, revive, reawaken, reflect, come back to, resume, reecho. fake, fecundate, father, propagate, generate, engender, dub, hatch, beget, sire, photocopy, spawn, forge, knock off, proliferate, impregnate. simulate, same. reproduction, increase. increase (noun)
reproduce (noun)
multiply, procreate, regurgitate.


duplicate (verb)
ditto, counterfeit, replicate, duplicate, model, copy, xerox, clone, double.
make more copies of (verb)
print, replicate, redo, echo, stereotype, remake, duplicate, reflect, follow, photocopy, reawaken, clone, imitate, photograph, type, recount, portray, mirror, reprint, knock off, copy, repeat, xerox, revive, transcribe.
make something new; give birth (verb)
procreate, multiply, fecundate, generate, propagate, proliferate, sire, hatch, father, engender, impregnate, spawn, beget.
print (verb)
imprint, impress, print, emboss, stamp.
repeat (verb)
echo, recite, iterate, recur, recapitulate, reiterate, repeat, quote.
reproduce (verb)
procreate, transcribe, imitate, trace.

Other synonyms:

hatch, whelp, propagate, forge, calve, foal, revive, albumen, come back to, lamb, portray, redo. reflect, photocopy. replay, renew, retry, reprint, run off, continue. rerun, increase. bring back, dub, resume. knock off. duplicate
remake, copy.
give back
iterate, replay, rerun.

Usage examples for reproduce

  1. Remain here a moment and I'll try and reproduce what she heard- with the exception of the cry." – Ashton-Kirk, Investigator by John T. McIntyre
  2. In such a case, neither the plane nor the sack of corn would reproduce themselves. – Essays on Political Economy by Frederic Bastiat
  3. That final victory over 'the beast, ' whether he be a person or a tendency, is to reproduce in higher fashion that old conquest by the Red Sea. – Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren