Synonyms for Hide:


keep back, jacket, pigskin, manage, bottle up, deal with, coat, master, integument, repress. lie low. push aside, spurn, put your foot down, shoot down, not hear of it, ignore, dismiss, close your mind to something, no indication, turn down, nothing, deceive yourself, not at all. not breathe a word, keep your mouth shut, keep your own counsel, keep mum, keep something to yourself, keep someone guessing, keep quiet about something. slip, tuck, submerge, tuck away, garage, store away, stow, put away. shut off, it's all the same to someone, someone couldn't care less, trample something/someone underfoot, not give a hoot/two hoots, not give/care a damn (about), can take something or leave it, look out for yourself/number one, block, obstruct, not give a fig about/for something. go underground. animal (noun)
pelt, skin.
covering (noun)
integument, jacket.
hide (noun)
enshroud, obliterate, shroud, skin, obscure, pelt, hide out, fell, conceal, cover, blot out.
skin (noun)
epidermis, pelt, membrane, rind, cuticle, skin, leather, dermis.


conceal (verb)
conceal, camouflage, hush, cloak, obscure, censor, screen, disguise, blind, bury, mask, enshroud.
conceal; remain unseen (verb)
cloak, camouflage, shroud, bury, disguise, blot out, mask, harbor, go underground, screen, veil, obscure, plant, tuck away, curtain, protect, lie low, cache, stash, ensconce, cover.
disappear (verb)
fade, dissolve, go, evaporate, sink, evanesce, vanish, flee, depart, disappear, melt, fly.
harbor (verb)
harbor, protect.
screen (verb)
cover, screen, enshroud.
shade (verb)
curtain, shade, cover, veil.

Other synonyms:

coat, goatskin, ensconce, jacket, cache, pigskin, crocodile, chamois. plant, tuck away. keep back, obstruct. garage, tuck, kid. put away, submerge. block. slip. cover
hole up
go underground.

Usage examples for hide

  1. She had taken care to hide herself well. – A Witch of the Hills, v. 1-2 by Florence Warden
  2. " Let's hide ourselves," cried Florence. – A Sweet Little Maid by Amy E. Blanchard
  3. But why hide like that? – The Limit by Ada Leverson