Synonyms for Unbarred:


all (adjective)
unlatched, unlocked, unbolted, unsecured.
open (adjective)
patent, Admitting, uncovered, gaping, manifest, uncapped, open, unobstructed, bare, unplugged, ajar, agape, unstopped, yawning, accessible, unlocked, Unclosed, unbolted, unimpeded, exposed.
opened (adjective)
unlocked (adjective)
unfastened, unlatched, open, unsecured.


unbarred (noun)
unlatched, unlocked, unsecured, unbolted, unfastened.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
unsecured, unlatched, unfastened.

Usage examples for unbarred

  1. He unbarred the door, as the remaining Thlinklets went helter- skelter down the ravine, and waved his hands to the figure above him. – Colorado Jim by George Goodchild
  2. The portals were unbarred – Stories in Verse by Henry Abbey