Synonyms for Unimpeded:


clear (adjective)
open, bare, unblocked, unhampered, free, unlimited, unobstructed.
open (adjective)
manifest, Unclosed, yawning, unbarred, ajar, bare, gaping, unobstructed, unstopped, patent, agape, open, unbolted, unlocked, Admitting, unplugged, uncapped, accessible, exposed, uncovered.


boundless, limitless, unregulated, unconditional, unrestricted, bottomless, endless, uncontrolled, infinite. free, unblocked, clear. unchecked (noun)
unhampered, unlimited, unrestrained, faultless.

Other synonyms:

unblocked. free. clear. Other relevant words:
free, unlimited, unrestricted, unregulated, unblocked, clear, unconditional, unrestrained, unhampered.

Usage examples for unimpeded

  1. Now, as it happens, no philosopher has ever reiterated more often than Ibsen his abhorrence of smug and complacent compromise, his belief in the unimpeded independence of the individual, his conviction that every creature here below owes it as a duty to himself to live his own life in his own way. – Inquiries and Opinions by Brander Matthews
  2. The courts may be everywhere open, and if open their process would be unimpeded – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various