Synonyms for Block:


slab, brick, forgetful, ingot, slice, something goes in one ear and out the other, chunk, senior moment, slip through the net/cracks, cake, segment, piece, clod, hunk, stone, loaf, get/become lost (in something), Absent-minded, oblivion, section, oblong. neighborhood, access, burn, back up, archive, browse, call up, burn-in, author, capture. allowance, balance, intersection, distance, allocation, street, capacity, arithmetic, accumulation, backlog, amount. armpit, charge, burbs, brownfield, area, cabbagetown, tackle, borough, agora, cantonment, barrio. dash, come in, the blocks, baton, base, solid, clock, false start, mass, come, dead heat, ahead, drop back. center, barracks, hoist, megaplex, development, apartment complex, complex, wheel. squash, get in the way of something, discourage, knock something on the head, table. DPI, bandwidth, cross, byte, baud, cps, ghz, clock speed, bit, tree. camouflage, noodle, nut, lie low, body, submerge, hide, pate, noggin, obscure, mask, conceal, noddle, blot out, tuck away, head, poll, bean, conk. come-on, come off, sketch, bobble, blank, outline, call, planned, draft, chop down, cover, adumbrate, dive. billow, fog, fibre, hank, fiber, froth, cloud, foam. building site, construction site, subdivision, greenfield site, site, quarter-acre block. chapter, day, era, date, countdown, epoch, duration. building, installation, facility, the built environment, edifice, infill, construction, folly. pin down. block (noun)
close up, blockade, freeze, interference, blank out, impede, obstruct, hinder, stop, lug, occlusion, draw a blank, obturate, jam, deflect, stoppage, choke up, engine block, occlude, immobilize, kibosh, pulley-block, stuff, parry, cylinder block, stymy, city block, cube, blockage, auction block, immobilise, pulley, blocking, forget, closure, mental block, stymie, halt, embarrass.
block of metal (noun)
hang-up (noun)
hindrance (noun)
constipation, restriction, entrapment, congestion, obstruction, interruption, disadvantage, hindrance, encumbrance, impedance, constraint, blockage, opposition, restraint, blockade, impasse, drawback, deterrent, resistance, obstacle, barrier, frustration, stoppage, hurdle, damper, entanglement, complication, impediment, bafflement, inhibition.
mass of material (noun)
loaf, cube, section, slab, oblong, piece, square, hunk, bar, segment, cake, brick, solid, slice, ingot, chunk.
measure (noun)
decimeter, mile, inch, yard, centimeter, step, meter, ell, mil, measure, knot, kilometer, fathom, minute, league, rod, cubit, furlong, hectometer, foot, micron, second, criterion, angstrom, decameter, millimeter.
obstruction (noun)
mass, jam, wall, clog, blockage, stop, hindrance, stoppage, snag, impediment, obstacle, barrier, obstruction.
punishment device (noun)
gas chamber, bull whip, rope, whipping post, pillory, jail, cowhide, ax, rawhide, switch, gibbet, stocks, rack, truncheon, prison, torture chamber, iron, solitary confinement, noose, cane, thumbscrew, stake, thong, lash, captivity, guillotine, birch rod, strap, gallows, maiden, whip, electric chair, scaffold.
square (noun)
square, cube, rectangle, quadrilateral.
thrash (noun)
beat up, HIT, beat.


close (verb)
secure, barricade, latch, fasten, bolt, join, lock, shut, close, seal.
communication (verb)
hinder (verb)
counter, catch, hamstring, cripple, burden, encumber, resist, dam, snag, stay, fetter, stop, bar, congest, constrain, inhibit, entangle, restrict, baffle, brake, check, foul, tangle, jam, choke, oppose, mire, delay, bottleneck, handicap, impede, thwart, obstruct, clog, frustrate, entrap, snarl, paralyze, hamper, bung, plug, drag, complicate, constipate, hinder, interrupt, cramp, deter, detain, impair, crimp, curb, restrain.
obstruct (verb)
charge, barricade, hinder, occlude, dam, tackle, thwart, choke, plug, check, deter, congest, close, stymie, impede, prevent, halt, catch, blockade, brake.
prohibit (verb)
forbid, disallow, preclude, prohibit, oppress, outlaw, suppress, disapprove, ban, prevent, curtail, control, reject, refuse, disqualify, deny.

Other synonyms:

barrio, baud, street, duration, burbs, conk, DPI, byte, armpit, noodle, agora, senior moment, construction site, noddle, cake, oblivion, backlog, barracks, epoch, author, allowance, brownfield, back up, infill, building site, pate, hank, ghz, bobble, bandwidth, cantonment, quarter-acre block, cps, Absent-minded, cabbagetown, arithmetic, amount, forgetful, mass, greenfield site, borough, clock speed, the built environment, noggin, apartment complex. conceal, complex, megaplex, balance, area, poll, building, burn-in, folly, chop down, countdown, accumulation, edifice. day, construction, tackle, capacity, burn, pin down, capture, subdivision, foam, center, distance, archive, era. chapter, fiber, bean. access, installation, development, section, date, wall. site, come off, froth, fog. bit, dive, come-on, hide, cloud, nut. traverse. blank, piece. head. cover. HIT. call. close
stop up
Other relevant words:
cake, city block, stymie, loaf, blocking, mass, ax, mental block, halt.

Usage examples for block

  1. But I ran into an officer's arms before I had gone a block – Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew by Robert McReynolds