Synonyms for Bare:


desolate (adjective)
dreary, abandoned, lonely, forsaken, dismal, inhospitable, stark, uninhabited, forgotten, desert, forlorn, deserted, miserable, bleak, barren.
insufficient (adjective)
naked (adjective)
unclothed, Divested, unclad, exposed, undressed, bald, peeled, denuded, stripped, Disrobed.
open (adjective)
uncovered, unimpeded, agape, Unclosed, accessible, unlocked, uncapped, unplugged, gaping, open, Admitting, unbarred, ajar, exposed, unobstructed, manifest, yawning, unbolted, uncluttered, patent, unstopped.
simple (adjective)
artless, austere, innocent, unadulterated, spare, terse, clear, bald, direct, childlike, elementary, candid, simple, chaste, plain, uncomplicated, pure, crystalline, refined, unsophisticated.
simple, unadorned (adjective)
chaste, austere, basic, simple, spare, essential, meager, modest, scant.
uncovered (adjective)
unveiled, overt, unwrapped, uncovered, unsheathed, revealed, exposed.
without clothing (adjective)
peeled, stripped, Disrobed, denuded, Divested, unclad, undressed, uncovered, bald, exposed, unclothed.
without covering or content (adjective)
blank, barren, clear, stark, open, empty, desert, vacant, void, arid, vacuous, bleak.


uncrowded, hollow, derelict. offer, empty, give away, express yourself, make no secret of something, render, surrender, voice, void. insufficient, little, slight, few, sparse, meager, scant, only, barely, inadequate, minimum. sun-baked, treeless, arid, put on, wild, lifeless, dusty, parched. topless, starkers, a state of undress, full-frontal. strip away, throw back, dry. bare (noun)
barren, unadorned, bald, unclothed, basic, simple, essential, plain, stark, stripped, denuded, bleak, vacant, undressed, empty, treeless, exposed, uncovered.
plain (noun)


divest (verb)
divest, denude, disrobe, unclothe, undress, expose, peel, shed, strip.
open (verb)
unseal, undo, disclose, unplug, unlock, reveal, release, uncork.
reveal (verb)
unveil, expose, disclose, uncover, show, divulge, display, exhibit.
uncover (verb)
unsheathe, discover, unwrap, unveil.

Other synonyms:

parched, starkers, full-frontal, dry, sun-baked, throw back, uncrowded, treeless, blank, hollow, topless. arid, vacuous, scant, void, strip away, lifeless. vacant. wild. open
Unclosed, unlock, uncork.
unveil, unclothe, expose.

Usage examples for bare

  1. This must be done not with bare words, but with all its strength, which indeed amounteth only to a strong purpose and resolution; for the Soul of itself hath no strength or power to effect any good work. – Dialogues on the Supersensual Life by Jacob Behmen
  2. We wound up and down, over bare ground, and could see no danger for miles. – Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent Mabel Bent
  3. " You must pardon my going first," said the man with the bare brown knees. – The Princess Virginia by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson