Synonyms for Irreproachable:


innocent (adjective)
good, guiltless, unblamable, exemplary, impeccable, righteous, pure, inculpable, Irreprehensible, perfect, blameless, virtuous, innocent, faultless, unimpeachable.
perfect (adjective)
respectable (adjective)
honorable, unimpeachable, angelical, good, principled, pure, untarnished, true, honest, virtuous, righteous, saintly, moral, estimable, creditable, noble, right-minded, worthy, forthright, fair, blameless, respectable, law-abiding, upstanding.


genuine, perfect, sincere, fine, truthful, decent, impeccable. lily-white, unblamable, right, exemplary, Irreprehensible. faultless, harmless, clean. irreproachable (noun)
inculpable, blameless, unimpeachable, guiltless, innocent, clean-handed.

Other synonyms:

sincere, decent, unblamable, lily-white, Irreprehensible, impeccable. genuine. exemplary, truthful. harmless. fine. clean. right. Other relevant words:
decent, fine, unblamable, truthful, faultless, innocent, perfect, lily-white, clean, Irreprehensible, clean-handed, inculpable, right, guiltless, exemplary, harmless, impeccable.

Usage examples for irreproachable

  1. But even the Secret History represents Theodora, after she mounted the throne, as being, with all her faults, the most austere, the most correct, the most irreproachable of women in her conjugal relations. – Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10) by Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll
  2. No payment is demanded of new- comers; it is enough if they bring the moral capital of an irreproachable life, and are good workers; and any poor people who desire to seek salvation in the colony are enabled to travel to it by contributions from the public funds. – Modern Saints and Seers by Jean Finot