Synonyms for Immaculate:


all (adjective)
spotless, speckless, spick-and-span, spic-and-span.
clean (adjective)
fresh, tidy, Taintless, pristine, unstained, unsoiled, sanitary, refined, gleaming, pure, fastidious, clean, unsullied, speckless, bright, uncontaminated, hygienic, orderly, spotless, stainless, neat, polished, sterile, spick-and-span.
innocent (adjective)
innocent, uncorrupted (adjective)
uncontaminated, perfect, sinless, virtuous, unblemished, undefiled, untarnished, guiltless, decent, chaste.
not guilty (adjective)
perfect (adjective)
pure (adjective)
basic, clear, plain, clean, primal, bare, irreducible, unsullied, elementary, essential, spotless, simple, austere, angelic, white, unblemished, unadulterated, pure, innocent, primary, unalloyed, chaste, unadorned, monolithic, prime, decent, Simon-pure, formative, purebred, uncluttered, elemental, foundational, guiltless, faultless, sinless, untarnished, fundamental, undiluted, stark, nascent, blameless, indivisible, stainless, undefiled, untainted, basal, atomic, virtuous, honorable, aboriginal.
very clean; unspoiled (adjective)
impeccable, pure, clean, unsullied, spotless, unsoiled, spick-and-span, neat, faultless, Taintless, flawless, stainless, bright.


ideal, infallible, watertight, flawless, perfectly, ideally, above/beyond reproach, model. cleanly, antiseptic. immaculate (noun)
spic-and-span, perfect, pure, undefiled, speckless, spick-and-span, spotless, impeccable, faultless, clean.

Other synonyms:

cleanly. antiseptic. Other relevant words:
model, gleaming, fresh, infallible, ideal, pristine, watertight, perfectly, flawless, ideally, spic-and-span, clean, impeccable, antiseptic, speckless, cleanly, perfect, bright, polished.

Usage examples for immaculate

  1. We thought we had walked directly over from the Tree; and there you were, all ready to receive us, in immaculate evening dress." – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. However much we might further her own interests, her imperturbable coolness made it clear that as fellow- creatures we were nothing, but she humored every whim of that sick puppy, even letting him lie in her immaculate pantry when the restless fancy took him. – Sigurd Our Golden Collie and Other Comrades of the Road by Katharine Lee Bates
  3. Standing in the doorway, motionless, scornful, and immaculate with her white hat still on her head, as if she had just entered from the street, stood The Lily. – The Plunderer by Roy Norton