Synonyms for Accessible:


approachable (adjective)
approachable; ready for use (adjective)
employable, public, exposed, reachable, operative, obtainable, usable, open, handy, attainable, available, near, practicable, getatable, possible.
friendly (adjective)
genuine, Warm-hearted, good-natured, spontaneous, pleasant, warm, amiable, nice.
open (adjective)
bare, ajar, uncovered, unimpeded, unlocked, unobstructed, unplugged, Admitting, uncapped, yawning, gaping, unbolted, unbarred, open, agape, Unclosed, exposed, unstopped, manifest, patent.


public, seasonal, vacant, going, spare, on offer. aesthetic, artistic, artsy-craftsy, baroque, nearby, camp, campy, abstract, avant-garde, near. give up, employable, Among, operative, trace, quarry, signpost, practicable, operable, usable, possible, location, flag, hidden, utilizable, placement. dumb, ataxia, disablement, attitude, disabled, Challenged, the blind, welcoming, handicap, disability, approach, responsive, Developmental Disability. accessible (noun)
reachable, convenient, approachable, handy, come-at-able, getatable, comprehendible, ready to hand, comprehensible, get-at-able, available, in hand.
approachable (noun)
attainable, easy, obtainable.

Other synonyms:

artistic, ataxia, disability, going, employable, Developmental Disability, welcoming, disablement, quarry, dumb, utilizable, operable, public, vacant, signpost, spare, artsy-craftsy, aesthetic, handicap, hidden, Challenged, location, disabled, campy. easy, Among, flag, trace, placement, usable, abstract, nearby. camp, operative, practicable. responsive, give up. Other relevant words:
abstract, going, comprehensible, near, hidden, artsy-craftsy, operable, easy, attainable, usable, avant-garde, disability, nice, flag, signpost, Among, disablement, good-natured, reachable, approachable, come-at-able, Challenged, attitude, operative, dumb, handy, camp, public, amiable, convenient, obtainable, responsive, employable, possible, available, getatable, Warm-hearted, ready to hand, trace, welcoming, baroque, handicap, approach, aesthetic, spontaneous, quarry, warm, placement, vacant, ataxia, genuine, spare, pleasant, nearby, disabled, location, artistic, seasonal, comprehendible, practicable, utilizable, campy, get-at-able.

Usage examples for accessible

  1. It was commonly stated that he was not very accessible but he willingly heard those whose education and habits qualified them to suggest. – The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2) by John West
  2. Its business is to make truth generally accessible and not to apply it. – Views and Reviews by Henry James
  3. It appears to us that these facts are not at present readily accessible for the ordinary histories of literature are compelled to sacrifice much exact information to the demand for a critical appreciation of the authors. – The Student's Companion to Latin Authors by George Middleton Thomas R. Mills