Synonyms for Advent:


christmas, holy week, Christmas Day, Good Friday, epiphany, Easter Sunday, the Annunciation, easter, Ash Wednesday. start. act (noun)
advent (noun)
coming, second advent, second coming.
approach (noun)
advancement, convergence, imminence.
arrival (noun)
accomplishment, ingress, homecoming, landfall, destination, coming, fulfillment, debarkation, landing, entrance, appearance, reception, attainment, approach, touchdown, return, welcome, achievement, arrival.
beginning or arrival of something anticipated (noun)
approach, appearance, coming, entrance, arrival.

Other synonyms:

Second Coming
second coming.
easter, Easter Sunday, the Annunciation, Ash Wednesday, holy week, epiphany, Good Friday. Other relevant words:
second advent, epiphany, christmas, easter, second coming, start.

Usage examples for advent

  1. The Sunday year begins with Advent which is the season occupying twenty- eight days before Christmas. – The Prayer Book Explained by Percival Jackson
  2. One can not help seeing in this an evidence of the influence of the two shipwrecked white men whose advent we have referred to. – Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands by Charles Nordhoff
  3. Of course Mrs. Cristie naturally thought pretty much as he did, and from what you told me of the conference over my advent I suppose her opinions haven't changed much. – The Squirrel Inn by Frank R. Stockton