Synonyms for Dissolution:


citation, bar, bring in a verdict, charge, acquit, award, call for, annul, acquittal. Libertinism, restraint, away, into thin air, dissoluteness, license, into/out of thin air, disappearing act. parliament, constituency, lower house, diet, parliamentarian, rest, curtain, live, chamber, the Dail, dissolve, floor. annulment (noun)
obliteration, Disaffirmation, repudiation, destruction, dismissal, deletion, denial, annulment, abolishment, refutation, disavowal, negation, Extinguishment, neutralization, abnegation, invalidation, divorce, abolition, withdrawal, rejection, retraction, elimination, revocation, eradication, Disclamation, cancellation, undoing, nullification.
disappearance (noun)
disappearance, departure, fading, hiding.
disintegration (noun)
gangrene, decay, dissection, rot, putrefaction, mortification, degeneration, decomposition, spoilage, chaos.
dispersion (noun)
distribution, scattering, disjunction, diffusion, radiation, evanescence, disconnection, dislocation, detachment, dispersal, dispersion, refraction, disintegration, evaporation, diffraction, breakup, divergence, disbursement, separation.
dissolution (noun)
breakup, licentiousness, dissipation, disintegration, dissolving, profligacy, adjournment.
liquefaction (noun)
solubility, liquefaction.
loss (noun)
expropriation, setback, dissipation, decrement, privation, loss, deprivation, divestiture, debit, erosion, exhaustion, ruin, dispossession, penalty, decrease, attrition, forfeiture, depletion, shrinkage.
process (noun)
ruin (noun)
separation, rupture (noun)
divorce, resolution, disintegration, detachment, parting.
wantonness (noun)

Other synonyms:

extraction, lower house, Libertinism, removable, disappearing act, the Dail, dissoluteness. disposal, removal, curtain, constituency, expulsion. parliament, displacement. dissolve, diet. license. chamber, away, rest. floor.

Usage examples for dissolution

  1. If the expected dissolution of his army had happened, no doubt the enemy's advanced troops would have taken possession of the city at once. – The Campaign of Trenton 1776-77 by Samuel Adams Drake
  2. Came to Canada with his mother, 1825. Educated at Nicolet College; studied law, and called to the bar, 1836. Elected to the Assembly for Montreal, 1843, but prevented from taking his seat by the dissolution of the Assembly. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  3. It is offensive to recommend legislation for the dissolution of the Union- offensive to the Senate and to the whole country. – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis