Synonyms for Goal:


chalk something up, deadlock, cushion, bury, concede, aggregate, assist, all, attack. bowl, alley, the bench, clay, the box, baseline, court, Astroturf, crease, bleachers. aim, purpose of an action (noun)
target, objective, ambition, mission, object, destination, intention, end.
cognition (noun)
goal (noun)
destination, finish, end.
intention (noun)
policy, choice, procedure, object, proposal, agenda, schedule, strategy, expectation, endeavor, idea, aim, intention, ambition, wish, scenario, plan, forecast, consideration, approach, forethought, will, scheme, prospectus, calculation.
object (noun)
study at intention.
pursuit (noun)
mission, lodestar, life work, pursuit, vocation, undertaking, objective, aspiration, profession, quest, target, search, destination.

Other synonyms:

role. why. meaning. view. point.

Usage examples for goal

  1. And that settled it, just as Max had been confident would be the case; for he knew his chums too well to believe they would be willing to let such a brave fight be lost when the goal seemed so near. – At Whispering Pine Lodge by Lawrence J. Leslie
  2. But there's still work to do for those who didn't laugh, hard work, and with much opposition in the way; all the same, it is work right up against the goal – England and the War by Walter Raleigh