Synonyms for Wish:


enchanted, curse, black magic, enchantment, ESP, halloween, the black arts, extrasensory perception, alchemy, abracadabra. liking, injunction, prayer, have your heart set on (doing) something, look for, pleasure, command, lust after, invocation. I hate to say/admit, my (humble/deepest/sincere etc.) apologies, I'm afraid, pardon, excuse me, if only, I/we regret to inform/tell you that, I beg your pardon, dream, I'm sorry, promise. gesundheit, regards, please, a plague on someone, have a good/nice something, get well (soon), may someone rest in peace, bless you, greeting, enjoy. wants, wish list, pant, the Holy Grail, someone's heart's desire, man cannot live by bread alone, the goods, all someone wants, hone, ache. yen, appetence. aim (noun)
object, scheme, plan, desire.
ambition (noun)
dream, goal, aim.
aspiration (noun)
eagerness, passion, craving.
behest (noun)
injunction, solicitation, demand.
choice (noun)
election, discretion, determination, judgment, selection, preference, volition, option, decision, alternative.
desire (noun)
greed, acquisitiveness, desire, covetousness, itch, yearning, lust, expectation, longing, Ardency, fondness, need, hope, thirst, urge, hunger, passion, eagerness, amorousness, craving.
feeling (noun)
wishing, want.
free will (noun)
hope (noun)
aspiration, contemplation, optimism, sureness, anticipation, confidence, faith, presumption.
intention (noun)
goal, intention, strategy, policy, endeavor, consideration, aim, calculation, schedule, idea, approach, object, forethought, ambition, scenario, proposal, agenda, forecast, prospectus, will, procedure, choice, scheme, plan.
request (noun)
petition, requisition, inquiry, demand, plea, question, bid, invitation, appeal, solicitation, request, query, summons, entreaty, probe.
wish (noun)
preference, pleasure, prayer, longing, wishing, yearning, like, choice, itch, ambition, want, bid, urge, request, hunger, will, intention, care, aspiration, compliments, hope, yen, regard, invocation, wish well, thirst, indirect request, liking, disposition.


aim (verb)
intend, propose, endeavor, contemplate, mean.
aspire (verb)
choose (verb)
decide, fancy, prefer, favor, espouse, elect, like, judge, pick, adopt, select, determine, choose.
desire (verb)
hanker, long, covet, grasp, crave, welcome, pine.
hope (verb)
contemplate, aspire, want, dream of, rely, yearn, anticipate, await, believe, trust, assume, presume.
intend (verb)
mean, mind, consider, intend, expect, resolve, propose.
request (verb)
plead, inquire, summon, invite, solicit, seek.
wish (verb)
expect, please, need, like, yearn, fancy, choose, hanker, prefer, solicit, long, crave, covet, command, elect, aspire.

Other synonyms:

look for, gesundheit, wish list, appetence. the Holy Grail, yen. enjoy, greeting, ache. please, pant. choose
dream of.
Other relevant words:
hone, compliments, command, injunction, lust after, enchanted, enchantment, abracadabra, ache, disposition, pardon, care, halloween, pleasure, ESP, gesundheit, liking, yen, prayer, enjoy, alchemy, curse, regards, wish well, promise, regard, appetence, indirect request, wants, look for, invocation, wishing, greeting, please, pant, dream.

Usage examples for wish

  1. Just what do you wish to know? – The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips
  2. I know you wish him well, Clary. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  3. You do think she'll- she'll be everything he could wish – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter