Synonyms for Alley:


backyard, cloister, close, arcade, blind alley, back, campus, car park. bowl, crease, court, Astroturf, the box, the bench, baseline, bleachers, clay. alley (noun)
alleyway, skittle alley, bowling alley, back street.
artifact (noun)
alleyway, back street.
back street (noun)
rear way.
narrow passage (noun)
alleyway, back street.

Other synonyms:

bleachers, crease, Astroturf, backyard, blind alley, baseline, bowl, campus. cloister, arcade, clay. court. back. close. Other relevant words:
close, bowl, clay, court, alleyway, blind alley, backyard, back, Astroturf, bleachers, arcade, baseline, campus, cloister, crease.

Usage examples for alley

  1. The two walked silently down the alley – A Nobleman's Nest by Ivan Turgenieff
  2. Petrovich followed him, and pausing in the street, gazed long at the cloak in the distance, after which he went to one side expressly to run through a crooked alley and emerge again into the street beyond to gaze once more upon the cloak from another point, namely, directly in front. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  3. They did not speak again till they saw, at the end of an alley the Count and the priest standing together beneath the jamelon tree. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens