Synonyms for Point:


calibration, geocentric, metric, graduation, imperial, measure, locality, absolute, location, metrication. claw, flip off, moon, acknowledge, spine, end, barb, hand-wringing, flag down, High five, nib, dig, snag. cable, sword, jack, adapter, outlet, dagger, alligator clip, crocodile clip, hookup, stiletto, knife, cord, link. circumstance, feature, throw, fling, hurl, project, lob, case, pitch, toss. aspect, notch, count, nature, score, component, facet, factor. close to, pretext, excuse, cause, ground, motive, near, occasion, almost, in justification of something, motivation. mucronation, stand, reputation, sharp, Acumination, Mucro, acicula, stance, feeling, impression, viewpoint, attitude, self-assessment, cusp. marks, snout, speck, protrusion, limb, projection, flap, dash, overhang, protuberance, pinpoint, ridge. blaze, band, splash, patina, locus, shading, discoloration. step, coast, bight, cape, peg, rung, bank, catchment area, beach, big, coastline, basin, Bund, bay. threshold, setting, scene, center, base, brink, borderline, whereabouts, verge. compass, east, moment, easterly, easternmost, juncture, eastward, bearing, instant, cardinal point. close, reach out, bend, why, intention, stretch, open, spread, fold your arms/hands, extend, planned, goal, kick, object, ambition, design, objective, view. command, dictate, order around, instruct, push around, subject matter, require, boss around, tell, tax with. short-term, second, sec, minute, a bit, import, bout, Significancy, split second. boundary, cartography, reason, chart, contour, grid, coordinate, atlas, globe, grid reference. sticking point, starting point, sidelight, point of order, article, part, element, side issue, substance. darn, stress, underline, maintain, highlight, heel, overhaul, accentuate, underscore, fix up, accent, italicize, emphasize, important, play up, mend, fix, heal, do up. gradation, episode, the middle, lowlights, instalment, low point, installment. aspect, characteristic (noun)
case, item, detail, feature, part, circumstance, element, facet.
circumstance, stage; limited time (noun)
edge, time, verge, moment, duration, limit, degree, brink, instant, point in time, juncture, threshold.
communication (noun)
cutting tool (noun)
degree (noun)
tenor, rung.
edge (noun)
limb, cusp.
end (noun)
nib, heel.
front (noun)
bow, scout, face, avant-garde, forefront, front, leader, nose, anterior, vanguard, forepart.
full stop (noun)
full point.
goal, aim (noun)
intent, reason, intention, end, motive, objective, punch, purpose, design, significance, object.
gradation (noun)
idea (noun)
intention (noun)
location (noun)
meaning (noun)
denotation, relevance, interpretation, indication, gist, description, implication, drift, pith, purpose, explanation, tenor, message, definition, meaning, upshot, crux, significance, connotation, intent, thrust.
meaning, essence (noun)
drift, subject, crux, topic, import, theme, question, text, subject matter, gist, score, idea, matter, motif, argument, force, pith, thrust.
perforator (noun)
blade, spur, bore, penetrator, die, arrow, auger, punch, skewer, gouge, drill, spike, tip, spear, thorn, Perforator, lance, bit, puncture, stick, poker, needle.
point (noun)
channelize, target, guide, compass point, detail, aim, maneuver, gunpoint, stage, indicate, orient, power point, signal, manoeuvre, place, distributor point, luff, full point, charge, degree, taper, tip, point in time, repoint, dot, betoken, show, full stop, channelise, item, pointedness, stop, head, bespeak, breaker point, peak, steer, sharpen, level, direct, spot.
prickle (noun)
punctuation (noun)
comma, colon, bullet, bracket, ampersand, brace, apostrophe, bullet point, bad break.
purpose (noun)
sharp end, top, end of extension (noun)
claw, cape, spur, tooth, tip, spike, head, spine, stiletto, cusp, nib, thorn, snag, sword, dagger, barb.
sharpness (noun)
keenness, nettle, tooth, edge, sharpness.
specific location (noun)
locus, spot, stage, locality, place, position.
speck (noun)
count, bit, stop, mark, full stop, notch, dot.
threshold (noun)
starting point.
topic (noun)
matter, conjecture, contention, thesis, assumption, theorem, principle, essay, problem, question, paradigm, hypothesis, subject, idea, query, inference, concept, topic, assertion, belief, dissertation, position, issue, consideration, basis, motif, text, exposition, theme, statement, presumption, premise, axiom, postulation, argument, opinion.
unit of measurement (noun)


communication (verb)
designate, indicate, show.
competition (verb)
level, charge.
direct, lead (verb)
face, guide, steer, aim, level.
indicate (verb)
cue, symbolize, designate, wave, guide, flag, alert, wink, note, label, motion, gesticulate, betoken, indicate, notify, signal, gesture, nudge, denote, prompt, stamp, tag, nod, shrug, mark, ticket, brand, point out, beckon.
perforate (verb)
perforate, poke, pierce, penetrate.
show as probable; call attention (verb)
denote, bespeak, tag, indicate, direct, peg, designate.

Other synonyms:

protrusion, Mucro, lob, overhang, protuberance, cape, acicula, discoloration, side issue, pretext, spine, cusp, mucronation, point of order, Acumination. intention, ridge, limb, subject matter, notch, occasion, goal, hurl, motivation, patina, speck, snout, rung, motive, peg, time, locus, shading, sidelight, toss. brink, verge, why, splash, moment, juncture, threshold, borderline, Significancy, fling, blaze, reason, excuse, pinpoint, throw, substance, feature, instant, cause. article, ambition, projection, flap, end, project, element. location. object. objective. band, ground, step. case, pitch, view. arrow

Usage examples for point

  1. He is young, and so lovely a woman as Sirona-" Up to this point Petrus had listened to his wife in silence. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. Set your mind at rest on that point – Hildegarde's Harvest by Laura E. Richards
  3. To- morrow morning I shall make a point of meeting him face to face." – My Strangest Case by Guy Boothby