Synonyms for Use:


advantage, applicability, coax, energize, eject, convenience, profit, activate, stead, flash, merit, fitness, flick, effectiveness, value, worth, crank, excellence, suitability, aid, practicability, helpfulness, usefulness. address, verbalize, say, used, talk, express yourself, exploit, utter, communicate, speak, put (something) into words, actuate, enunciate. consume, draw on, fall back on, go toward, run, bring in, manage. baptize, abuse, number off, presume, impose, answer to, name after, name, go by, call after, christen. exploitation, wear, implementation. mistreat, victimize, prey on, wrong, be rough on someone, oppress, trample, discriminate, persecute. deal, jack up, come down, o.d., mainline, lace. substance, significance, sense, connotation, subtext, denotation, meaning, thrust. application (noun)
conduct, usefulness, function, service, practice, utility, exertion, usage, employment, operation, utilization, application, exercise.
application; employment (noun)
appliance, adoption, habit, advantage, operation, practice, fitness, convenience, helpfulness, usage, purpose, value, worth, utility, treatment, usefulness, exercise, service, wont, profit, applicability, exertion.
influence (noun)
sense (noun)
serviceableness (noun)
use (noun)
economic consumption, apply, function, consumption, habituate, manipulation, expend, employment, habit, use of goods and services, purpose, utilization, wont, utilise, usance, utilisation, enjoyment, role, utilize, practice, employ, exercise.


apply (verb)
operate, implement, exert, apply, utilize, effect, employ, serve.
benefit (verb)
utilize (verb)
work with; consume (verb)
control, apply, draw on, exploit, exert, operate, utilize, expend, manage, run, employ.

Other synonyms:

implementation, recourse, christen, go toward, fall back on, victimize. value, persecute, exploitation, consume, draw on, discriminate, exploit, prey on. adoption, actuate. abuse, presume, bring in, manage. wear. profit, impose. run. assistance

Usage examples for use

  1. I've tried, but it's no use – Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
  2. There didn't use to be any individdlety about me. – The Associate Hermits by Frank R. Stockton