Synonyms for Passed:


dead (adjective)
fatal, departed, Perished, fallen, deceased, dead, annihilated, expired, parted, extinct.


died (verb)
fell, ended, Died, passed on, Ceased, Succumbed, passed away.
happened (verb)
Happened, Ensued, Transpired, took place, Occurred, came to pass, taken place.
moved (verb)
stirred, Budged, Transferred, transited, Went, actuated, moved, Shifted, run, gone, Proceeded, Flowed, Ran, Coursed, relocated.
pass (verb)

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Usage examples for Passed

  1. Indeed, when once they passed that way, they never came again. – The Green Forest Fairy Book by Loretta Ellen Brady
  2. So they all passed in together. – The Scottish Fairy Book by Elizabeth W. Grierson
  3. Two years have passed but even yet I don't care to think of it. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming