Synonyms for Fell:


arboriculture, afforestation, coppice, forester, defoliate, arboretum, clear-cut. Butte, hill, cliff, ascent, hew, highlands, rise, bluff, foothills, chop down, Downs, dune. deck, take down, lay out, ground, level, punch someone's lights out, floor, knock, prostrate. fur, surface, jacket. barbarous (noun)
fell (noun)
felled seam, roughshod, cruel, inhumane, strike down, hide, brutal, barbarous, vicious, savage, fly, vanish, cut down, drop.
substance (noun)


chop down (verb)
hew, cut down, strike down, floor, ground, prostrate, level, drop.
contact (verb)
cut down, strike down, drop.
died (verb)
passed away, Perished, expired, deceased, Died, Passed, Succumbed, departed, Ceased, ended, passed on, parted.
failed (verb)
lost, busted, failed, Faltered, Floundered, collapsed, Flunked, fallen, Flopped, Stumbled, Blundered.
motion (verb)
fly, vanish.
plunged (verb)
pitched, dove, Plunged, plummeted, Swooped, dropped, Dived.

Other synonyms:

clear-cut, afforestation, arboriculture, coppice, foothills, arboretum, forester, chop down, defoliate, Butte, cliff. highlands, fur, inhuman, jacket. deck, ascent, floor, prostrate. take down. lay out. knock. rise. mound
Other relevant words:
fly, cruel, hew, floor, deck, cliff, bluff, fur, knock, inhumane, vanish, lay out, prostrate, rise, felled seam, Butte, chop down, barbarous, inhuman, Downs, take down, cut down, brutal, drop, ground, forester, level, foothills, jacket, hide, strike down, afforestation, vicious, dune, hill, roughshod, savage, highlands.

Usage examples for fell

  1. He fell in, sir. – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  2. She laughed at last, and then fell serious again. – Simon by J. Storer Clouston
  3. But now a silence fell – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad