Synonyms for Expected:


anticipated (adjective)
foreseen, Prophesied, predicted, predictable, foretold, envisioned, coming, likely, scheduled, Contemplated, awaited, due, proposed.
approaching (adjective)
advancing, approaching, forthcoming, closing, coming, impending, nearby, imminent, Looming, near, converging, proximate.
expected (adjective)
awaited, apprehended, envisioned, dreaded, foretold, anticipated, unsurprised, due.
intended (adjective)
tried, proposed, intended, chosen, planned, Endeavored, Meant, Wished, Aimed, Schemed, considered.
planned (adjective)
coordinated, Schemed, plotted, planned, designed, contrived, arranged, intended, proposed, Charted, anticipated, conceived, premeditated.
predictable (adjective)
wonted (adjective)
normal, Familiar, conventional, habitual.


certain, bound, possibly, good, probable, sure, probably, guaranteed. surprise, scheduled. anticipated (noun)
scheduled, predictable.
expected (noun)
anticipated, awaited, foretold, due, expectable, likely, predicted, hoped-for, supposed, potential, foreseen, prospective.
wonted (noun)
normal, Familiar, conventional, habitual.


desired (verb)
welcomed, grasped, Longed, Itched, Hankered, needed, craved, Hungered, Pined, Thirsted, coveted, fancied, Lusted.
expected (verb)
Deduced, suspected, Foreknown, gathered, Contemplated, foresaw, Envisaged, Surmised, Presupposed, assumed, Foreboded, presumed, imagined, Foreknew, Inferred, foreseen.
foresaw (verb)
hoped (verb)
Hoped, desired, dreamt of, Yearned, dreamed of, wanted, trusted, Believed, Aspired, Relied.
intended (verb)
Chose, resolved, minded.
planned (verb)
designed, coordinated, conceived, anticipated, contrived, plotted, premeditated, blueprinted, invented, Charted, arranged.

Other synonyms:

probably, conventional. scheduled, probable, guaranteed. possibly. certain. bound. sure. good. anticipated

Usage examples for expected

  1. Then we have been expected – Queechy, Volume II by Elizabeth Wetherell
  2. She had expected him before. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown
  3. It is all so different from what I expected – People of the Whirlpool by Mabel Osgood Wright