Synonyms for Law:


summons, archeology, acoustics, aesthetics, due process, subpoena, ancient history, Garnishment, Anthropology, agronomy, precept, agriculture, architecture, They, notice, writ, warrant, archaeology, applied linguistics. claim, archives, civil rights, code, unwritten law, Chapter 11, case law, civil law, Chapter 7, civil liberties, constitution. outline, order, divestiture, enactment, behest, regulation, indictment, bylaw, bill, injunction, gloss, canon, ordinance, caveat, edict, prescription, interpretation, decree, commandment, requirement, instruction, dictate, act, clarification, argument, demand, bidding, legislation, explanation, statute, ruling. origin, guide, doctrine, source, usage, assumption, foundation, base, proposal, the boys in blue, the fuzz, the force, the law, the (old) bill, basis, fundamental, theorem, postulate, the Garda, maxim, axiom, the authorities, truism, proposition, ground, reason, tenet. etiquette, policeman, conscience, morals, ethics, lawyer, the proprieties, judge, convention, constable, Standards, sheriff. gospel, scripture, theory, revelation, bible, word. take to court, sue, prosecute. institute. Lex, measure, assize. gendarme, policewoman, bobby, heat, officer, peeler, police officer, copper, cop, peace officer, man, flatfoot, patrolman, fuzz, patrolwoman, Bluecoat, finest, bull. universal, principle. bring suit, litigate. command (noun)
government, direction, charge, command, mandate, sovereignty, control, sway, hold, will, prowess, discipline, power, authority, coordination, supremacy, grip, commission, rule, domination, reign, management, grasp, mastery.
group (noun)
justice (noun)
due process.
law (noun)
practice of law, legal philosophy, jurisprudence, constabulary, natural law, law of nature, police, police force.
lawman (noun)
maxim (noun)
patrolman (noun)
peace officer.
policeman (noun)
patrolwoman, patrolman.
rules of a government, society (noun)
divestiture, precept, caveat, demand, prescription, edict, commandment, dictate, warrant, decree, regulation, injunction, act, jurisprudence, mandate, bylaw, Garnishment, code, command, charge, instruction, notice, institute, statute, assize, summons, canon, subpoena, due process, enactment, behest, bidding, legislation, order, measure, writ, constitution, ruling, requirement, ordinance.
standard, principle of behavior (noun)
guide, foundation, fundamental, theorem, proposal, origin, base, maxim, source, rule, proposition, reason, axiom, assumption, ground, usage, postulate.

Other synonyms:

lawyer, act, peace officer, litigate, patrolman, fuzz, constitution, police officer, prescription, theorem. bill, cop, dictate, convention, axiom, prosecute. officer, indictment, bull. universal, institute. man, judge. warrant, heat. measure. decision
Other relevant words:
heat, truism, officer, judge, regulation, divestiture, natural law, warrant, basis, axiom, enactment, morals, assize, commandment, maxim, indictment, ruling, fundamental, legal philosophy, code, fuzz, flatfoot, universal, measure, act, ground, copper, caveat, origin, foundation, proposition, bidding, bobby, patrolman, police, gendarme, legislation, bible, due process, police officer, subpoena, behest, conscience, police force, order, bylaw, ordinance, decree, canon, institute, notice, writ, sue, postulate, bull, policewoman, instruction, proposal, summons, principle, revelation, tenet, precept, constabulary, litigate, lawyer, finest, reason, convention, take to court, base, bill, theory, dictate, sheriff, Garnishment, source, prosecute, law of nature, policeman, demand, peeler, requirement, peace officer, usage, Bluecoat, man, assumption, patrolwoman, theorem, injunction, constitution, statute, doctrine, constable, cop, practice of law, bring suit, scripture, jurisprudence, prescription, Lex, edict, guide.

Usage examples for law

  1. " But I don't want you as a son- in- law – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  2. A lot of people have come to look on your word as law in this country, you know- a lot of them! – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans
  3. It was the law of the land- why find fault with it? – The Underdog by F. Hopkinson Smith