Synonyms for Drove:


busload, array, constellation, age group. crush, ate, Became, mass, bade, Arose, Begat, Began, multitude, Bestrode, press, awoke, Befell, big, Awoken, throng, ruck. flight, gaggle, community, brace, score. crew (noun)
club, body, league, cadre, faction, fellowship, battalion, cell, company, litter, platoon, union, bevy, complement, caucus, team, nest, coalition, fraternity, wing, aggregation, covey, regiment, band, troop, bunch, outfit, herd, staff, retinue, posse, crowd, squad, force, pack, mob, cabal, host, group, party, collection, circle, clan, clique, army, flock, phalanx, fleet, assemblage, sect, junta, school, coterie, troupe, ring, assembly, tribe, society, string, hive, set, crew, gang, colony, brigade, detail, division, detachment.
drove (noun)
swarm, drove chisel, horde.
flock (noun)
large gathering (noun)
crush, collection, pack, swarm, mob, horde, herd, company, multitude, throng, flock, crowd, press.


battled (verb)
Battled, Fought, campaigned, Scuffled, engaged, Struggled, contested, Combated, tussled, Conflicted, scrambled.
caused (verb)
executed, motivated, gave rise to, inspired, produced, Generated, Engineered, Brought, effected, brought about, evoked, driven, Originated, induced, Caused, provoked, given rise to, Acted, enforced, elicited, forced, made, Engendered.
compelled (verb)
intimidated, Galvanized, Dragooned, pressed, stimulated, Incited, hijacked, daunted, mandated, stressed, browbeat, obliged, Nagged, Fomented, bullied, Urged, Bulldozed, pressured, Coerced, dictated, browbeaten.
energized (verb)
fired, invigorated, recharged, powered, charged, Roused, activated, revived, sparked, Energized, empowered.
motivated (verb)
jolted, stricken, fermented, Bumped, Hastened, Jerked, Instigated, nudged, Jogged, Punched, shot, Enticed, magnetized, Knocked, struck, triggered, Hurtled, Poked, Jostled, moved.
propelled (verb)
Flung, Pelted, Shunted, Shoved, heaved, bunted, chucked, Butted, Threw, canted, Bowled, catapulted, cast, Hurled, thrown, Rammed, compelled, goaded, Flicked, Tossed, pitched, Slung, Precipitated, impelled, Prodded, Lobbed, Propelled, Launched, projected, thrust, Pushed.
wandered (verb)
Rambled, Jaunted, Walked, Strolled, Toured, Wandered, Roved, Hiked, traveled, Trekked, Cycled, Marched, Journeyed, Coursed, Promenaded, Tripped, Ambled, Sojourned, Roamed.

Other synonyms:

gaggle, ruck. multitude, throng. community. score, flight, mass, brace. Other relevant words:
multitude, swarm, ruck, gaggle, brace, throng, mass, flight, drove chisel, horde, crush, score, array, press.

Usage examples for drove

  1. Then he drove on, taking the road to Waterfield. – Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails by Victor Appleton
  2. One man drove off in the coach, and that's all I know." – Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure by Victor Appleton
  3. With Ken, he drove immediately to the store. – The Year When Stardust Fell by Raymond F. Jones