Synonyms for Broke:


all (adjective)
bust, stone-broke, skint, stony-broke.
insolvent (adjective)
out of money.
poor (adjective)
necessitous, beggarly.
without money (adjective)
bust, impoverished, indebted, insolvent, poor, ruined, needy, destitute, penurious, indigent, penniless, Strapped.


bankrupt (noun)
indebted, ruined, insolvent, out of money.
broke (noun)
skint, bust, stony-broke, poor, stone-broke.


ceased (verb)
quit, Stayed, halted, Desisted, terminated, discontinued, stopped, Culminated, ended, Ceased, broken, Remitted, abandoned, interrupted, suspended, closed, Refrained, Paused.
disintegrated (verb)
mortified, dissolved, decayed, crumbled, turned, spoiled, decomposed, Degenerated, Anatomized, shattered, putrefied, fractured, rotted.
dissociated (verb)
fragmented, disconnected, disunited, cleft, Excised, partitioned, parted, disjoined, dismantled, Halved, Disengaged, severed, segregated, Insulated, rent, uncoupled, ruptured, Disassociated, detached, alienated, dissociated, divorced, split, Sundered, divided, cleaved, separated.
interrupted (verb)
recessed, relieved, Reprieved, Snagged, delayed, postponed.
loosened (verb)
released, unbound, unfastened, Diverged, dispersed, loosened.
managed animals (verb)
trained, Bred, Farmed, tamed, Herded, housebroken, domesticated, housebroke, groomed, ranched, Wrangled.
separated (verb)
sliced, ripped, Amputated, removed, incised, Disintegrated, unhinged, Bisected, axed, unglued, estranged, disassembled, Pared, cut, unfixed, dissected, disaffiliated.

Other synonyms:

necessitous. beggarly, indigent, down-and-out, needy. penurious, destitute. bankrupt
ruined, insolvent.
penniless, impoverished.
Other relevant words:
indebted, stony-broke, Strapped, stone-broke, insolvent, poverty-stricken, down-and-out, poor, hard up, impecunious, needy, beggarly, skint, necessitous, destitute, ruined, impoverished, indigent, penniless, penurious, bust.

Usage examples for broke

  1. " Nothin', darlin', that's any good," broke in Martha from behind the two. – The Tides of Barnegat by F. Hopkinson Smith
  2. " Here, here," Adair MacKenzie broke the spell. – Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border by Annie Roe Carr
  3. And the point's broke off. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White