Synonyms for Touched:


crazy (adjective)
flighty, fanatic, not all there, neurotic, daft, peculiar, cuckoo, pixilated, bonkers, obsessed, batty, insane, nuts, nutty, bizarre, eccentric.
daft (adjective)
deeply moved emotionally (adjective)
impressed, stirred, affected.
deranged (adjective)
insane (adjective)
fruity, crackers, brainsick, moonstruck, loony, bananas, loco.
loco (adjective)
around the bend.
pixilated (adjective)


over-the-top, ridiculous, ludicrous, childish, laughable, not in your right mind/not right in the head, silly, used. lunatic, nutty as a fruitcake, loony, loco, bananas, mentally ill, crackers, bonkers, brainsick, batty, stark raving mad, maniac, nuts, disordered, of unsound mind, fruity, maniacal, cracked, distraught, off, not all there, demented, crazy, gaga, Daffy, unsound, around the bend, mad as a hatter, cuckoo, wrong, wacky, sick in the head, crazy as a loon, buggy, mad, non compos mentis, dotty, unbalanced. affected (noun)
touched (noun)
fey, moved, brushed, coloured, grazed, tinged, colored, insane, stirred, in color, colorful, affected.


caressed (verb)
Fondled, Embraced, Petted, Cuddled, snuggled, nuzzled.
contacted (verb)
Adjoined, reached out, Abutted, bordered, contacted, joined, connected, Butted, Met.
felt (verb)
Groped, Probed, Fumbled, experienced, Undergone, sensed, handled, Responded, Underwent.
touched (verb)
fingered, Caressed, Pawed, Palmed, stroked, skimmed, grazed, twiddled, Rubbed, Kissed, felt, Plied, Manipulated, palpated, brushed.

Other synonyms:

dotty, brainsick, bananas, crackers, fruity, loco, mentally ill, bonkers, Daffy, batty. loony, gaga, wacky, maniacal, demented, screwy, daft, unbalanced, crazy, nutty, buggy, lunatic, non compos mentis, nuts, cracked, distraught. moonstruck, unsound, disordered. mad. wrong. off. Other relevant words:
exuberant, gaga, used, ludicrous, content, fanatic, pixilated, colorful, cracked, impressed, Daffy, distraught, peculiar, affected, crazy, moonstruck, normal, ridiculous, cheerful, over-the-top, nutty as a fruitcake, alive, stirred, eccentric, around the bend, singular, laughable, lunatic, maniac, moved, bizarre, loony, nutty, crackers, obsessed, fey, not all there, mad, loco, mentally ill, happy, sick in the head, off, unsound, buggy, daft, satisfied, neurotic, maniacal, nuts, bonkers, screwy, demented, wacky, colored, pleased, stark raving mad, brainsick, giddy, wrong, contented, unbalanced, batty, childish, non compos mentis, silly, cuckoo, dotty, coloured, tinged, glad, of unsound mind, insane, fruity, bananas, crazy as a loon, sound, disordered, mad as a hatter, carefree, flighty, odd.

Usage examples for touched

  1. The child's heart was touched – The Good Time Coming by T. S. Arthur
  2. The difference is that at last it touched what you held to be your own. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  3. The captain gave the word, so that the boat touched the water just at the best time. – Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston