Synonyms for Hit:


batch, A-D conversion, artificial intelligence, ai, authoring, access time, alpha test, authentication, background processing. conk, punch, mug, anonymous ftp, dab, account name, strike down, biff, Bluetooth, cuff, smack, kick around, ABEND, address, flail, bump, pop, cudgel, slap, thwack, paste, thump, smite, knock out, slug, thrash, blogosphere, pat, pelt, beat, hammer, nail, blind certificate, club, punish, bat around, clout, whack, lay low, bookmark, sock, hook, buffet, boolean, access number, bob, jab. jostle, scrape, come in, arrive, land, appear, butt, draw in, get in. coax, activate, function, crank, run, eject, actuate, energize, go, operate, control, flick, catch, respond, connect, engage. impact, single, bring out, come into play, make a difference, take effect, double, interact, shape, get on, put, triple. black comedy, bop, slam, slog, classic, swat, cock-and-bull story, detective, comedy, anecdote, whop, adaptation, wallop, allegory, epic, wham, clip, attack, drama. dependence, occur, comedown, bust, abuse, cold turkey, crackhouse, crack den, addiction, clean, happen. infer, measure, appraise, conceptualize, judge, hit on, conceive, draw a conclusion/an inference, surprise, come up with. damage, cancel out, retort, neutralize, loose on, offset, cost, overshadow, spoil, strike back, harm, retaliate, counter, taint, forgiveness, reciprocate. blitzkrieg, air raid, the Blitz, blitz, bombing, barrage, air strike, bombardment. chanty, Christmas Carol, ballad, anthem, chorale, alma mater, aria, calypso, carol. enter, overtake, fulfill, push, come. fratricide, culpable homicide, elimination, butchery, genocide, assassination, contract, euthanasia, foul play. ball, cross, delivery, dribble, chip, backhand, corner. bat, fly, foul, ground out, baulk, balk, bunt. stun, batter, bludgeon, beat up. call, come off, blank, bobble, chop down, deny, block, dive, come-on, cover. chop, blow, bonk, hammer blow. popularity, fashion statement, favourite, fascination, winner, boom, fashion, hot spot, magnet. run over, collide, ram, smash into. be in dire/desperate straits, not know where/which way to turn, suffer, go through, be in the grip of something, endure, incur, undergo, come under. blow (noun)
biff, bop.
entertainment success (noun)
homicide (noun)
shot (noun)
slapped, Clouted, Slugged, Poked, Thwacked, tapped, Cudgeled, Thumped, Rapped, cuffed, beaten, hurt, pasted, binged, plastered, boxed, Thrashed, mugged, Banged, beat, swatted, Knocked, Rocked, biffed, knocked-out, whacked, Punched, Smacked, Basted, Slammed, Spanked, slogged, pummeled, kicked, Pounded, smashed, smitten, struck.
strike, bump (noun)
butt, paste, wallop, pat, buffet, slog, slap, smack, impact, cuff, clout, whop, bonk, clip, blow, punch, sock, swat, bat, chop.


accomplish (verb)
attack (verb)
batter, attack, barrage, hammer.
attacked (verb)
struck, Pounded.
collide, bump into (verb)
jostle, scrape.
strike (verb)
club, cudgel, pop, thrash, dab, thump, hammer, jab, hook, blitz, knock out, batter, thwack, beat, pelt, whack, flail, bump, nail.

Other synonyms:

swat, collide, butchery, arrive, assassination, blow, euthanasia, flail, bop, biff, clout, whop, stun, genocide, bump, culpable homicide, popularity, pat, fashion statement, ground out, elimination. bunt, whack, bat, cuff, fashion, magnet, sock, smack, foul play, operate, fratricide, wham, conk, beat, bludgeon, bonk, paste. fascination, slug, thrash, beat up, occur, clip, slam. slog, knock out, hot spot, butt, triple, balk, contract, impact, pop. catch, run over. foul, beaten, connect, ram. put. club. fly, single, boom. double. run. attack
wallop, whop, chop down.
come to mind
take effect.
lay low.
light touch
slap, smite.
Other relevant words:
clip, biff, judge, go, smack, punch, wallop, sock, whack, jab, smite, pelt, thwack, cuff, slug, blow, beat, bat, whop, thump, bump, clout, arrive, paste, slog, come, swat.

Usage examples for HIT

  1. But Jack never knowed what hit him. – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  2. He hit me all over. – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. Well, suppose I should tell you that I know now- what I didn't know certainly then- that when you hit out at us you hit him? – The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush by Francis Lynde