Synonyms for Hindered:


restrained (adjective)
shackled, Detained, restricted, impeded, bound, Collared, Bridled, restrained, inhibited, tethered, constrained, Leashed, constricted, controlled, confined.
slow (adjective)
stopped (adjective)


de-motivated (verb)
discouraged, stifled, disheartened, daunted, disinclined, depressed, Dissuaded, de-motivated, Throttled, Dampened.
disabled (verb)
stupefied, anesthetized, Hobbled, botched, Hamstrung, invalidated, cramped, impaired, disabled, handicapped, Prostrated, Abrogated, crippled, Disarmed, Hampered, weakened, enfeebled, deadened, stunned, dulled, neutralized, paralyzed, Sapped, undermined, Scotched, vitiated, Lamed, incapacitated, benumbed, Tampered, screwed up.
hindered (verb)
curbed, clogged, Stayed, bottlenecked, barred, blocked, Caught, constipated, entangled, fettered, Bunged, encumbered, interrupted, Dammed, constrained, Detained, stopped, Crimped, burdened, tangled, Entrapped, mired, plugged, delayed, baffled, restricted, congested, choked, braked, Deterred, jammed, restrained, Snagged, frustrated, complicated, fouled, snarled, thwarted, Dragged.
opposed (verb)
repressed, Fought, Intercepted, suppressed, Disagreed, crossed, Contradicted, opposed, Challenged, Antagonized, obstructed, impeded, disputed, Meddled, oppressed, Repulsed, Counteracted, countered, counterattacked, Rebuffed, Protested, inhibited, Defied, Repelled, Conflicted, Confronted, Objected, checked, Interfered, Resisted.
restrained (verb)
controlled, Collared, Leashed, tethered, bound, restricted, inhibited, Detained, Bridled, impeded, shackled, restrained, constrained, constricted, confined.
retained (verb)
retained, preserved, conserved, reserved, Prevented, held, maintained.
slowed (verb)
Loitered, Trudged, Plodded, Crept, Slowed, Crawled, Lingered, Dawdled, Poked.

Usage examples for Hindered

  1. Gamble's clutch half arrested it in front, Shotwell hindered it from behind, neither quite stopped it. – John March, Southerner by George W. Cable
  2. He maintains that religion is hindered rather than helped by such people. – The Sources Of Religious Insight by Josiah Royce
  3. He stood awhile staggering, and blinking at the other one, but somehow got his sword drawn forth, and the Red Knight hindered him nought therein, but spake anon when the other was come to himself somewhat: The sele of the day to thee, Sir Thomas, True Thomas! – The Water of the Wondrous Isles by William Morris