Synonyms for Depressed:


all (adjective)
bad (adjective)
concave (adjective)
dented, hollow, crater-like, indented, concave.
concave, pushed down (adjective)
hollow, indented, sunken.
crestfallen (adjective)
cast down.
dejected (adjective)
dispirited, sad, pensive, disconsolate, heartbroken, anxious, mournful, lachrymose, woeful, gloomy, joyless, contemplative, morose, moody, plaintive, despairing, downhearted, discouraged, anguished, melancholy, dejected, wistful, sullen, glum, grim, despondent, dreary, miserable, disheartened, blue, dolorous, overcome.
depressed (adjective)
debased, decreased, sunken, lowered, attenuated.
disadvantaged (adjective)
deprived, underprivileged.
discouraged (adjective)
glum, despondent, blue, dejected, morose, grim, downhearted, downcast, low, sad, low-spirited, disconsolate, pessimistic, down, unhappy, moody, spiritless, down in the mouth, melancholy, dispirited.
grief-stricken (adjective)
hopeless (adjective)
hopeless, desperate, pessimistic, spiritless, miserable, despondent, anguished, melancholy, disheartened, glum, downhearted, despairing, forlorn, dejected, gloomy, bleak, cheerless, morose, dispirited, dismal, discouraged.
insensitive (adjective)
low (adjective)
lower, rock bottom.
poor (adjective)
sullen (adjective)
weary (adjective)
fatigued, flaccid, debilitated, drowsy, sleepy, trying, faint, wasted, weak, Frazzled, limp, footsore, droopy, Wayworn, listless, feeble, apathetic, run down, over-weary, bored, cheerless, toilsome, exhausted, tired, blue, weary, uphill, worn-out.


aggregate, antigrowth, economic, deflationary, economically, ailing, bullish, capitalist, buoyant. homesick, subdued. depressed (noun)
dispirited, blue, down in the mouth, down, indented, downcast, thin, low, concave, downhearted, dejected, low-spirited.
discouraged (noun)
cast down, study at sad.
mentally ill (noun)
bipolar, diminished responsibility, insane, hysterical, mad, certifiable, confused, deranged, demented.


de-motivated (verb)
curbed, de-motivated, Hindered, Hampered, Throttled, frustrated, impeded, stifled, paralyzed.
depressed (verb)
sunk, Sank.
dissuaded (verb)
diverted, barred, admonished, banned, Deflected, inhibited, disinclined, disheartened, intimidated, Deterred, restrained, checked, Derailed, daunted, Prevented, Dampened, Dissuaded, discouraged, Averted, chilled.
lowered (verb)
dropped, shortened, Plunged, submerged, deepened.

Other synonyms:

deflationary, rock bottom, bullish, economic, disadvantaged, deprived, antigrowth. economically, low-level, underprivileged, subnormal, capitalist. impoverished. bottom, lower, aggregate, below. backward. in low spirits
dull, heavy-hearted, desolate, unhappy, melancholic, dysphoric, tristful.
mentally ill
bipolar, diminished responsibility, insane, hysterical, mad, certifiable, confused, deranged, demented.

Usage examples for depressed

  1. It is only that I feel tired and depressed – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. Even if the new train of thought, awakened by conversation with my friend, had lifted me above the state of mind in which I was when she came, the sight of Jane's sober face, as she passed me on the stairs, would have depressed my feelings again. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur
  3. He was deeply depressed – The Limit by Ada Leverson