Synonyms for Stern:


all (adjective)
austere (adjective)
earnest, obdurate, serious, stringent, exacting.
dictatorial (adjective)
firm, oppressive.
exacting (adjective)
critical, precise.
extreme (adjective)
unbending, uncompromising, zealous, thorough.
grim (adjective)
dogged, resolute, ruthless, bleak.
hard (adjective)
acrimonious, dour.
hard-boiled (adjective)
headstrong, obstinate.
hard-line (adjective)
staunch, steadfast, hardline.
rear (adjective)
bottom, hind, backside, tail, rear, posterior, back.
severe (adjective)
caustic, strait-laced, demanding, brusque, cutting, austere, blunt, curt, chilly, gruff, ascetic, keen, intense, acrimonious, disciplined, acerbic, authoritarian, critical, fundamental, sharp, grim, inflexible, harsh, astringent, cool, icy, bleak, crisp, prudish, brisk, meticulous, lean, dour, hidebound, severe, correct, oppressive, intolerant, strict, short, unbending, censorious, abrupt, rigorous, dry, exacting, acute, puritanical, rigid, uncompromising, draconian, imperial, spartan, tart, precise, obstinate, obdurate, piquant, raw, stiff-necked, relentless, basic, stringent, spare, stark, frosty.
stern (adjective)
implacable, inexorable, rigid, severe, unyielding, relentless, steely, stiff-necked, rigorous, strict, bullheaded, grim, stubborn, inflexible, austere, tough, ascetic, unrelenting, harsh, astringent.
unrelenting (adjective)


beam, amidships, bilge, bowsprit, bow, blade, boom, bay, berth. driven, easy, competitive, sedulous, purposeful, motivated, ambitious. hardline. back (noun)
hindquarters, posterior, backside, tail end, tail, rear, aft.
person (noun)
Isaac Stern.
rear (noun)
derriere, fanny, caboose, seat, rump, hind, behind.
rigid (noun)
study at severe.
stern (noun)
demanding, unforgiving, bum, strict, posterior, buttocks, grim, hind end, behind, buns, unrelenting, tail, exacting, tooshie, tush, nates, bottom, rump, prat, implacable, relentless, nonindulgent, hindquarters, fanny, austere, Isaac Stern, keister, inexorable, quarter, rear, can, unappeasable, aft, backside, after part, rear end, fundament, seat, derriere, tail end, butt.

Other synonyms:

hardline. rear-end
rear end.
Other relevant words:
bowsprit, prat, butt, nates, can, tooshie, beam, berth, competitive, tail end, motivated, hind end, amidships, aft, quarter, keister, buttocks, after part, bum, tush, ambitious, nonindulgent, blade, Isaac Stern, driven, bilge, sedulous, purposeful, unrelenting, unappeasable, boom, hardline, unforgiving, hindquarters, bay, easy, buns, fundament.

Usage examples for stern

  1. Ye wouldn't give her over to her father, and him so stern and cruel with her! – Pixie O'Shaughnessy by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  2. We must let yonder ship pass near enough to us, if possible, to be able to read the name on her stern – The Log of a Privateersman by Harry Collingwood
  3. Do not be so stern with me." – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope