Synonyms for Uneasy:


agitated (adjective)
disturbed, upset, trembling, shaking, feverish, palpitating, jumpy, fluttered, quivering, jerky, disquieted, twitchy, shaken, restless, perturbed, agitated, shuddering, writhing, Jarred, shivering, wobbling, twitching, skittish, quavering, unquiet, spastic, nervous, distraught, convulsive, quaking, erratic, Churned, troubled, jittery.
all (adjective)
anxious (adjective)
concerned, distressed, solicitous, shaking.
discontent (adjective)
cheerless, despondent, displeased, fed up, dissatisfied, teed off, bored, anguished, irreconcilable, ungratified, ticked off, discomposed, miserable, frustrated, sour, restless, non-satisfied, wretched, disapproving, discontent, gloomy, joyless, exasperated, disgruntled, uncomfortable, disquieted, malcontent, irritated, dissident, unhappy, cross, anxious.
edgy (adjective)
embarrassing (adjective)
uncomfortable, awkward.
fidgety (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
uneasy (adjective)
anxious, vexed, irritable, apprehensive, suspicious, precarious, edgy, perplexed, upset, worried, troubled, unsettled, peevish, constrained, on edge, unquiet, afraid, jumpy, fretful, Wrung, unstable, restless, alarmed, perturbed, fearful, anguished, restive, fidgety, discomposed, disquieted, irascible, shaken, shaky, jittery, nervous, disturbed, ill at ease, agitated.
worried (adjective)
solicitous, concerned.


affective, distressed, deep, solicitous, acutely, blind, deep-seated, burning, concerned, depth, feelings, bitter, casual, basic. on edge, tired. constrained, broken, dreamless, lightly, sleepyhead, noctambulism, sleeper, light, somnambulist, sleeping beauty. uneasy (noun)
apprehensive, uncomfortable, anxious, nervous, precarious, troubled, restless, awkward, ill at ease, unstable, strange.

Other synonyms:

afraid, stormy, distressed, acrimonious, fretful, unforeseen, constrained. concerned, solicitous, frightened. apprehensive
unstable, unsettled.

Usage examples for uneasy

  1. When he came to, he said he had felt uneasy about things, because nothing had happened for several days, so he thought he would take a look around. – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine
  2. " I must confess, Badger, it makes me feel very uneasy said Shirley. – Lost in the Cañon by Alfred R. Calhoun
  3. Nothing to make your Majesty at all uneasy – The Little Lame Prince And: The Invisible Prince; Prince Cherry; The Prince With The Nose The Frog-Prince; Clever Alice by Miss Mulock--Pseudonym of Maria Dinah Craik