Synonyms for Uncomfortable:


discontent (adjective)
discomposed, dissident, despondent, joyless, sour, disgruntled, bored, cross, non-satisfied, dissatisfied, gloomy, exasperated, miserable, anxious, frustrated, displeased, discontent, uneasy, malcontent, restless, irreconcilable, wretched, unhappy, teed off, disquieted, cheerless, ungratified, irritated, ticked off, anguished, disapproving, fed up.
distressed, upset (adjective)
disquieted, exhausted, sore, comfortless, fatigued, suffering, strained, weary, wretched, worn, miserable, angry, nervous, self-conscious, uneasy, ill at ease, discomfited, embarrassed, tired, vexed, pained, disturbed, anguished, cheerless, restless, aching, stiff, hurt, discomposed, smarting.
narrow (adjective)
painful (adjective)
crushing, smarting, miserable, grievous, offensive, painful, cruel, sore, troublesome, hurtful, stinging, severe, inflaming, distressful, bothersome, arduous, annoying, acute, harrowing, cutting, wrenching, burdensome, irritating, insufferable, oppressive, horrendous, excruciating, tormenting, aching, piercing, trying, throbbing, odious, Besetting, Irksome, Torturing., woeful, disagreeable, agonizing, withering, biting, Gnawing, aggravating, bitter, unpleasant, grueling, stabbing, chafing, Cramping, unbearable, anguishing.
painful, rough (adjective)
bitter, annoying, disagreeable, cramped, excruciating, agonizing, thorny, difficult, dolorous, galling, irritating, vexatious, distressing, awkward, grievous, harsh, hard, afflictive, wearisome, troublesome.
self-conscious (adjective)


disturbed, worn, fatigued, rested, distressed, abashed, suffering, exhausted, pained, weary, vexed, contrite, nervous, upset, cramped, tired, ashamed, stiff, foolish, strained, feel/look small, sorry, repentant, hurt, guilty, angry, quiet. claustrophobic, constrained, strange, unsettling, tight, troubling, heavy, feelings, unnatural. comfort, uncomfy, uncomforting. uncomfortable (noun)
discomfited, awkward, warm, uneasy, tough, disquieting, self-conscious, irritating, wretched, painful, ill at ease, miserable, comfortless, bad, embarrassed.

Other synonyms:

constrained, abashed, uncomforting, saddle sore, troubling, contrite, sorry, footsore, uncomfy, repentant, foolish, guilty, agonized, agonised, distressed. claustrophobic, strange, strained. unnatural. hurt. heavy. awkward
awkward, embarrassing.
ashamed, embarrassed.

Usage examples for uncomfortable

  1. Good- byes are awfully uncomfortable things and I was glad when it was over and we passed on to the ship. – The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
  2. Well, ma'am, we had of course to obey her orders, but we all felt very uncomfortable – Good Old Anna by Marie Belloc Lowndes