Synonyms for Nervous:


agitated (adjective)
erratic, shaking, shivering, fluttered, quaking, agitated, upset, distraught, Churned, convulsive, trembling, uneasy, writhing, quivering, disquieted, twitching, spastic, unquiet, skittish, twitchy, restless, jerky, disturbed, shuddering, shaken, wobbling, jumpy, quavering, palpitating, jittery, Jarred, troubled, feverish, perturbed.
anxious, fearful (adjective)
distressed, troubled, uneasy, afraid, disturbed, neurotic, skittish, irritable, restive, shy, edgy, tense, concerned, apprehensive, jittery, bothered, upset, jumpy, solicitous, agitated, uptight, fidgety, on edge, sensitive, twitchy, worried, volatile, excitable, high-strung, timid.
brittle (adjective)
cowardly (adjective)
excitable (adjective)
crusty, short-tempered, rash, emotional, volcanic, brittle, quick-tempered, cranky, touchy, high-strung, stormy, explosive, tempestuous, excitable, combustible, hot-tempered, fiery, impulsive, edgy, reckless, passionate, neurotic, sensitive, fragile, ardent, volatile, irritable.
excited (adjective)
fearful (adjective)
afraid, aflutter.
fidgety (adjective)
impressionable (adjective)


autoimmune, communicable, catching, clinical, advanced, benign, congenital, asymptomatic, acute, chronic. distressed, fearful, petrified, scared, frightened, solicitous, alarmed, unsettled, panic-stricken, (with) your heart in your mouth, startled, feelings, concerned, intimidated. restive, on edge, fidgety, uptight, tighten. brainstem, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, cerebral, brain cell, brainwave, brain damage, brain death, brain, cerebellum. nervous (noun)
aflutter, troubled, excited, excitable, anxious, spooky, tense, neural, uneasy, skittish, unquiet.
timid (noun)
apprehensive, worried, afraid, timid, shy.

Other synonyms:

apprehensive, neurotic, afraid, fearful, distressed. fidgety, solicitous, worried, frightened, uptight, restive, concerned. unsettled.

Usage examples for nervous

  1. He seemed awful nervous and in a hurry. – Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. " Come now," she said, with a little nervous laugh, " he's not so bad as all that. – Devil's Ford by Bret Harte
  3. I was so nervous and frightened I did not think what I was doing. – Betty Trevor by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey