Synonyms for Upset:


agitated (adjective)
jittery, unquiet, quavering, feverish, palpitating, trembling, quaking, uneasy, perturbed, shivering, troubled, disquieted, shaken, wobbling, convulsive, erratic, writhing, twitchy, jumpy, skittish, twitching, agitated, shaking, nervous, Jarred, fluttered, spastic, shuddering, restless, distraught, quivering, Churned, disturbed, jerky.
disturbed, bothered (adjective)
disordered, amazed, shocked, unsettled, jumpy, confused, ruffled, Capsized, jittery, Tumbled, shook up, agitated, disquieted, overturned, troubled.
irritated (adjective)
queasy (adjective)


shut off, squeeze out, hold back, interfere with, suppress, kill off, stamp out. erect, desolation, remorse, sorrow, misery, disappointment, regret, stand, keel over, tilt, topple, depression, grief, overbalance, sadness. complaint, illness, epidemic, ailment, sickness, contagion, condition, infection, overpower, defeat, disease, conquer, outplay. cross, displeased, angry, move, horizontal, belligerent, fed up. overcome, smash, beat, knock out, win, crush, thrash. discourage, upside down, prevent, knock something on the head, avert, obstruct, avoid, stop, get in the way of something, prohibit, squash. double, romp, record, winning streak, thrashing, walkover, triumph, victory. smash into, slam, ram, run over, HIT, bump, collide, strike, crash. disconcerted (noun)
shocked, amazed, unsettled.
disorder (noun)
problem (noun)
complaint, overthrow, illness, bother, worry, disquiet, defeat, reverse, trouble, distress, hassle, disorder, sickness.
revolution (noun)
revolution, Overturning, restructuring, uprising, rebellion, upheaval.


aggravate (verb)
bother, nag, envenom, bait, disturb, infuriate, enrage, irritate, trouble, harass, vex, antagonize, fret, needle, annoy, badger, peeve, tease, chafe, hassle, irk, aggravate, grate, discompose, pester, rankle, inflame, harry, exasperate, arouse, exacerbate, perturb, torment, bedevil.
aggravated (verb)
enraged, Baited, inflamed, discomposed, harassed, vexed, harried, Badgered, exacerbated, pestered, needled, aroused, peeved, Envenomed, annoyed, chafed, Grated, irked, exasperated, tormented, Antagonized, aggravated, perturbed, fretted, Rankled, hassled, troubled, teased, irritated, bothered, infuriated, Nagged, bedeviled, disturbed.
agitate (verb)
fluster, churn, quiver, shiver, palpitate, disquiet, quaver, shudder, jolt, stir, twitch, agitate, jar, quake, shake.
agitated (verb)
shook, Shivered, Palpitated, Twitched, flustered, stirred, jolted, Quivered, Shuddered, Quaked, Quavered.
bother, trouble (verb)
agitate, discompose, confound, ruffle, dismay, rattle, fluster, perturb.
defeat (verb)
conquer, overpower, win, overcome, beat, outplay.
derange (verb)
disarrange, scatter, tumble, dislocate, roil, botch, derange, whisk, scramble, confound, swirl, meddle, rumple, misplace, ripple, hash, tousle, confuse, clutter, dishevel, muddle, ferment, roughen, rummage, disorganize, mislay, tamper, blur, ruffle, convulse, capsize, toss, displace, mix up, jumble, whip, muss, mess, disorder.
deranged (verb)
dislocated, confused, Messed, Whisked, Capsized, disheveled, scrambled, disarranged, roughened, Hashed, ruffled, Tumbled, Meddled, rippled, tousled, roiled, scattered, disorganized, blurred, Tampered, rumpled, fermented, Displaced, misplaced, disordered, deranged, Swirled, Mussed, botched, Whipped, Rummaged, Convulsed, confounded, Tossed, mislaid, cluttered, mixed up muddled, jumbled.
disorder; knock over (verb)
disorganize, mix up, derange, mess up, upend, jumble, tilt, unsettle, overturn, upturn, muddle, disarray, keel over, change, rummage, disturb, topple, capsize, tumble, invert.
invert (verb)
overturn, reverse, change, upturn, upend, invert, transpose.
inverted (verb)
overturned, reversed, changed, upturned, upended, inverted, transposed.
revolt (verb)
overthrow, restructure, rebel, mutiny, revolt.
revolted (verb)
overthrown, Overthrew, Mutinied, shook up, Rebelled, shaken up, Revolted, restructured.

Other synonyms:

hang over, victory, displeased, fed up, winning streak, depress, devastate, walkover, dismay. worry, angry, overbalance, belligerent, unsettle, knock out, upside down, disrupt, thrashing, topple. romp, defeat, wound. rattle, distress, win. move. rock. record. double. confuse
mix up.
interfere with.
flip over
keel over.
run over.
Other relevant words:
defeat, unsettle, distress, worry, agitated, disrupt, crush, shocked, unsettled, keel over, overcome.

Usage examples for upset

  1. It will upset his little sister." – The Star-Gazers by George Manville Fenn
  2. The nurse has been a little upset by the journey. – In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875. by L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone
  3. " Major Forrest," she said, " has been very much upset – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim