Synonyms for Interest:


dazzle, fire someone with enthusiasm, enthuse, inspire, motivate. passion, gain, spice, public interest, fixation, profit, love affair, motivation. case law, civil law, act, Chapter 11, bylaw, bill, Chapter 7, civil rights, civil liberties, credit. enjoyment, binge, preoccupation, crowd pleaser, amusement, escapism, blast, change. merit, class, trump card, virtue, asset, privilege, edge, incentive. feature, aspect, peculiarity, quality, component, property, on behalf of, factor, facet, nature, in order to promote. consolidate, amalgamate, curiousness, Demerge, amalgamation, investigate, demerger, combine, buy out, contract out, BROS. apr, BIPS, borrower, balance, bank, concernment, banking, bank rate, bank draft, Bank book, regard, interestedness, bank statement. advantage, help, good, benefit. title, claim. attract, turn on, intrigue, excite. advantage (noun)
advantage, profit, benefit, gain, good.
affair (noun)
matter, case.
attention (noun)
diligence, fascination, watchfulness, observation, scrutiny, attentiveness, rapture, enrapture, care, concern, entrancement, alertness, immersion, attention, caution, consideration, notice, intentness, heedfulness, absorption, concentration, regardfulness, mindfulness, engrossment.
attraction, curiosity (noun)
enthusiasm, excitement, consequence, matter, importance, attentiveness, pastime, concern, case, passion, preoccupation, concernment, regard, moment, engrossment, activity, notice, pursuit, absorption, care, interestedness.
cognition (noun)
concern (noun)
excitement, enthusiasm.
curiosity (noun)
curiosity, nosiness, inquisitiveness.
importance (noun)
consequence, moment, importance.
interest (noun)
matter to, concern, pastime, sake, interest group, pursuit, worry, involvement, interestingness, occupy, stake.
interest rate (noun)
bank rate.
portion (noun)
lot, quota, part, sector, half, percentage, cut, piece, split, quantum, subdivision, stock, fraction, partition, parcel, slice, bit, stake, helping, ration, measure, member, allowance, segment, share, division, proportion, chunk, dividend, allotment, portion, compartment, budget, zone.
premium (noun)
due, addition, yield, earnings, credit, bonus, discount.
share (noun)
title, investment.
share, investment (noun)
due, discount, title, involvement, earnings, stake, percentage, portion, credit, piece, bonus, claim.


benefit (verb)
hold the attention of (verb)
attract, turn on, intrigue, excite.

Other synonyms:

fixation, interestedness, passion, motivation, curiousness, excite, public interest, enthusiasm, love affair, dazzle, inspire, importance, enthuse, turn on. regard, attract, profit, matter, addition, benefit. concernment, intrigue. title. deduction
Other relevant words:
importance, pastime, regard, attract, moment, benefit, title, good, gain, advantage, consequence, intrigue, matter, incentive, claim, interestedness, concernment, sake, profit.

Usage examples for interest

  1. " You have already sold your interest given the deed, haven't you, Miss Strawn? – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  2. Of course I do take an interest when he's with me. – Dear Enemy by Jean Webster